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Welcome to the HANDD Resource Centre. If you are searching for a specific file transfer resource, please click on the relevant category below. Alternatively, you can view all resources by type from our entire File transfer, Data Loss Protection and Website Security resource catalogue. Resources include a range of case studies, white papers, data sheets, ebooks, comparison charts, product trials and product WebEx demos and more.

About this Resource Centre

As the independent voice of Data Loss Prevention, File Transfer and Website Security, we have delivered over 400 enterprise data centric security projects in 12 countries helping organisations manage their data both in motion and at rest.

With this in mind, we have designed our comprehensive and interactive resource centre to provide you with valuable information, advice and education related to data loss prevention, secure and managed file transfer and website security, taking the headache out of your research.

The resources on these pages have been gathered from across our network of HANDD Certified vendors, giving you the ability to download data security resources as and when you need.

This extensive list of free, downloadable resources has been put together to ensure you have the ability to download resources from one centralised place. Here you will find a wealth of valuable information, comprised of white paperscase studiesdata sheets, ebooks, comparison chartsdemostrials and more.

We hope the information and advice found on these pages will give you a better understanding of Data Loss Prevention, Secure Managed File Transfer and Website Security, and how these solutions can help your organisation.