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    As the recognized data center infrastructure management (DCIM) category founder, Nlyte Software has been providing solutions with a focus on the business aspects of data center asset management since 2004. With 10 years of experience deploying our software in some of the largest enterprises in the world, Nlyte is in a unique position to help accelerate the adoption of DCIM to the thousands of enterprises that are running their data centers sub-optimally.

    IT organizations today are under extreme pressure to deliver SLA’s at the right cost, yet they have not been able to optimize the largest part of their cost structure, the physical underpinnings of their data center. As data centers virtualize, the risk of stranding and sub-optimizing these data centers increases greatly.

    Combining the benefits of SaaS with the industry’s most proven DCIM platform, Nlyte On-Demand makes it possible for companies of any size to procure a scalable DCIM solution without incurring large upfront costs and complexities. Based on its flagship offering Nlyte 7, Nlyte On-Demand enables organizations to begin retooling their operational practices for efficiency and cost control.

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