HANDD’s team of UK-based data protection specialists are currently trusted to provide our unrivalled, round-the-clock support to 8 of the world’s largest banks and 25% of the Fortune 100.

Our understanding of how to protect data goes well beyond MFT.

We offer independent knowledge and unmatched expertise at every stage of the Protect, Detect and Respond cycle, from consultancy and technical consultancy design, right through to installation and training to a wide variety of clients across many different sectors.



Each member of the HANDD team is an expert in data protection in their own right. That means, when you pick up the phone and give us a call, you can be confident that you are talking to someone who knows their stuff. We know the market. We understand our clients and the challenges they face and we’ll invest time in understanding your business, its challenges and nuances, before we provide unbiased advice on the best products on the market for you.

We have a product portfolio of the very best leading solutions in data protection but we also work with vendors to identify and fill service gaps and meet our clients’ needs. Other consultancy services provided are;

- Pre-Sales Advice & Proof of Concept
- RFI Creation/Tender Process
- Project Scoping & Architectural Design
- Documentation
- Health Checks and Troubleshooting


Once we’ve helped you to identify the most effective approach to securing your data we provide proof of concept and architectural design to consolidate plans and strategies. We’ll deploy the best solutions, incorporating third party software and integrating directories where necessary.

We have installations at more than 500 enterprises across the world, so we’re used to working flexibly. This means we minimise downtime and upheaval to your business, avoid impacting productivity and get clients set up and using new systems quickly. Just to make sure though, we’ll run a health check for good measure. We can assist with the following;

- System Design & Deployment
- Training & Education
- Project Management
- Test Planning
- Bespoke Scripting and Deployment


You can’t get the most out of your data protection software and systems unless everyone is confident using them. Our team of product specialists will conduct training on or off-site to ensure that all of your users are up to speed and applying your new protective measures consistently and correctly, right from the start.

Our product managers understand the value of your time and also exactly how each of the carefully selected products within our range works. They are experienced in developing training that is both cost effective and time efficient for all kinds of organisations, from multinational corporations to government-owned public bodies to make the most of the your time and budget. Other training services provided are;

- Bespoke Training Packages
- Classroom Style Training
- One on One Training
- Documentation and Help Guides
- Refresher Courses

Security Services

The constantly changing landscape of cyber security means that it can be challenging to stay one step ahead. Data loss doesn’t just happen online and how things are dealt with in the event of a breach can make a huge difference to what happens next.

HANDD specialists live and breathe cyber security threats and threat mitigation so we can help you to identify the holes in your security. We’ll carry out a thorough assessment of your current approach to security to uncover the holes that no-one else knows about…yet. Other security services available are;

- Policies and Procedures
- Security and Risk Management
- Incident Response
- Data Protection
- Cyber Intelligence Services