Is your Data Secure in 2024?

Data Security & Data Protection 2024

The evolution of AI, Cloud, Mobile and People Skills

Watch our latest webinar as we explore how human behaviour, ever-evolving technological advances, increased regulation and the uncertain economic landscape, is impacting the way we handle, secure and protect our data.


What is covered?

Expect discussion on areas such as AI, Cloud Transformation and Regulation & Compliance. For each area we highlight current state, challenges, and the tools and solutions to support the overall health of your Data Security/Data Protection armoury.


Why should you watch? 

Gain an understanding of the overarching challenges confronting organisations today that pose significant threats to the security and protection of their data. Explore the potential ramifications of data breaches, scams, and other issues, such as damaging brand impact, loss of competitive edge, revenue decline, and hefty fines. Watch now to delve deeper into solutions for mitigating these risks and safeguarding your organisation’s data integrity.

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