General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) will bring about the biggest change to data since the advent of the internet. In fact, the last time our data protection legislation was reviewed, the internet was in its infancy. File sharing didn’t exist and neither did the cloud.

HANDD’S independent consultants can help take a load off when it comes to finding the right solutions, managing seamless and effective roll outs of platforms that make operating within a GDPR compliant framework possible.


Data Classification & GDPR

Data Classification attributes labels to data to help us identify our personal and important files from the canteen menu and last years’ Christmas party dress code.

The thing is, knowing what data is important, and what isn’t, is essential if you are to comply with these new requirements.

Data Classification can also deliver:

- Faster and more efficient data retrieval
- Improved data security by enforcing handling rules downstream
- Enhanced the consistency of the application of your protective technology
- Better awareness of the value of data among end users


Data Discovery & GDPR

GDPR makes companies legally responsible for protecting their data in a whole new way. Data can only be effectively protected when you understand what data you’ve got and where it is hiding. Companies are finding that they need to quickly get to grips with millions of files, petabytes of data created, in some cases, over decades.

Data Discovery solutions can help you uncover long lost data, so you can identify what data needs to be protected, what doesn’t, and where your data is hiding. Data Discovery tools can help you to:

- Identify your important data
- Discover where it is stored
- Work alongside downstream technologies to enhance protection
- See who has access to data and control user access rights 


Identity Access Management & GDPR

GDPR places responsibility for the protection of data your company holds fairly and squarely on your shoulders.

The only way to really secure data is to manage access effectively. With fines of $20million or 4% of your annual turnover (whichever is highest), it needs to be about more than not writing down passwords and changing them every six months.

Benefits of IAM include:

- Easier and smarter security key management
- Prevent data leaks by permitting access on a ‘need only’ basis
- Gain visibility on who is accessing your data
- Enhance security with additional multi-layer protection


Monitoring & Control for GDPR

GDPR ups the ante on businesses by giving data subjects rights. To deliver against these rights, businesses need to be able to easily store, recall and delete data. This can only be achieved through effective data management and protection. That’s not possible when you’ve no idea what’s happening to your data.

Once you know how your data is being accessed and used, you can deal with risks as they emerge and enhance downstream technologies to provide better protection. Data management platforms that offer enhanced visibility of your data include:

- Data Classification solutions
- Identity Access Management software
- Behaviour Analytics applications
- Data Discovery platforms