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    Configuration Management Databases (CMDBs) are frequently out of date, difficult to maintain, and heavily dependent on network discovered assets. The asset information contained
    in them is usually limited to cursory Configuration Item (CI) attributes that don’t go very far beyond make, model, and by inference how many of them you have. How can you relate it to your data center? How can you do effective capacity planning if it can’t tell you how many resources you actually need and that which you have left, and in which places?

    Fortunately, Nlyte has created a connector for its Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solution that bi-directionally synchronizes CI/asset attribute data between the Nlyte Central Repository and the ServiceNow CMDB. Nlyte Asset Sync for ServiceNow Configuration Management can augment the existing data in the ServiceNow CMDB with new physical layer CI information, and vice versa. The result is enriched, accurate asset data that can help in planning, managing and optimizing your data center.

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