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    ITEX corporate headquarters is located in Bellevue, Washington, and there are 90+ franchise locations across the United States and Canada. 24,000 members comprise the ITEX marketplace; the franchise offices manage those members and facilitate transactions, while corporate headquarters oversees the operations of the franchise offices. Supporting the staff of 30 in the corporate locationis a team of three IT professionals: Systems Engineer Eli Komenski and two programmers. With the growing number of threats to desktop computers and other devices coming from the Web (now estimated at between 90 – 95%), Mr. Komenski said his main priority was preventing these threats from penetrating the network.

    “ITEX needed immediate protection from Web-based malware threats, including rogue antivirus spyware programs that get installed on company devices, and Flash and Java exploits that get to us through the Web,” Mr. Komenski said. “These types of threats were becoming extremely time- consuming for my staff, since the endpoint security solution
    Success Stories
    “It saves time, money, and resources for us, since we do not have to set up and maintain any infrastructure equipment on our end
    in order to deploy and manage the software. Our previous security solution was very cumbersome to operate and manage.”
    we had in place was not effective in blocking the evolving threats we were facing. We needed a highly responsive security solution that would reduce the demand on my team’s time.”

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