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September 2014

18/09/14 – Secure, Protect & Control Your Data At All Times, Wherever It Is – HM Tower of London – Register here
16/09/14 – Telco Event – Madejski Stadium, Reading – Register here

June 2014

03/06/14 – Data Risk Management In Financial Services Summit (DRMFS) – London Stock Exchange

DRMFS – Data Risk Management in Financial Services Summit, in its second year, is a unique international event addressing data risk and operational issues and challenges faced by the FSI sector as well as delivering advanced solutions to improve data risk management.

The event, chaired by Mr. Don Randall, Head of Security, Bank of England, will bring together heads of security from central banks across the EU countries, chief information officers (CIO), chief security officers (CSO) as well as regulators, banking and insurance security specialists, balance sheet management and reporting, risk managers and asset managers and administrators to debate threats to data security, both internal and external. This summit is being organised under Chatham House Rule, offering a safe and secure environment in order to encourage openness and sharing of information.

The event will examine the current global economic crime landscape and the impact of the emerging trends of multiple complex incidents, as well as discuss preventative responses and solutions. 

April 2014

29/0414-01/04/14 – Infosecurity Europe 2014 – Earl’s Court, London

Infosecurity Europe is Europe’s number one Information Security event. Featuring over 350 exhibitors, the most diverse range of new products and services, an unrivaled education program and over 12,400 unique visitors from every segment of the industry, it is the most important date in the calendar for Information Security professionals across Europe.

We will have a presence on a number of stands at Infosecurity this year; please do come and visit us and meet the team.

Linoma Software – B50

Globalscape – K60

SSH – F48

Cloud / Watchful Software – E42

March 2014

25/03/14 – Enterprise Security & Risk Management (ESRM) – Hotel Russell, London 

The UK’s leading strategy event for information security and risk management leaders across every major business sector.
ESRM 2014 will bring together the enterprise IT Security and Risk management community under one roof to discuss and deploy effective business and technology policies within their own organisation. The UK’s leading Information Security event for business & technology professionals, ESRM 2014 is an event geared towards CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, CISOs, , Chief Risk Officers as well as a core audience of enterprise-level Security and Risk Architects and decision-makers charged with implementing and delivering robust security in large enterprises and across every sector of government.

Securing business from operational risk is a fundamental priority for any management team. ESRM will charter the latest industry developments and the most pressing security risks of tomorrow, giving attendees unrivaled networking opportunities and insights to optimise their performance while sharing best practice on design, implementation and embedding of risk management frameworks.

We will be appearing at the event with one of our partners Boldon James who are a Silver Sponsor, Boldon James will be both exhibiting and speaking at ESRM 2014, which will bring together the enterprise IT Security and Risk management community under one roof to discuss and deploy effective business and technology policies within their own organisation.

February 2014

20/02/14 – Live Seminar – Secure, Protect & Control Your Data At All Times, Wherever It Is

We’d like to invite you to an exclusive seminar in Central London, Securing the Journey of Your Data. Hear from a number of experts in data security who will discuss some of the challenges faced by organisations today and present some of the wide ranging solutions HANDD and our vendor partners offer to help solve some of these challenges.

With a compelling line-up and complimentary buffet lunch, evening snacks and drinks at the bar, as well as some exciting prize giveaways, this free data security event is not to be missed.

If you would like to view the agenda, and you are interested in viewing the presentations, please get in touch and we will send you any presentations you may be interested in.

December 2013

12/12/13 – Live Webinar – Beyond FTP – Automate & Secure File Transfers without Tedious Programming

Writing programs and shell scripts to transfer files can be error-prone and time consuming for your IT department.

  • How do you know when the script fails?
  • Are the files and passwords secured/encrypted?
  • Where are the audit trails?
  • Are you in compliance?

Many IT departments now realise that a Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution can help them move beyond the many problems of scripting. During this free webinar, co-hosted by HANDD Business Solutions and Linoma Software, you’ll learn how to improve the efficiency and security of file transfer processes and will also see a short live demo of the GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer solution from Linoma.

November 2013

26/11/13 – Live Webinar – The Cost of Data Loss in the Era of Enhanced Regulatory Compliance 
Join HANDD Business Solutions and Attachmate on 26th November 2013 at 14:30 GMT for this live webinar and learn how one insurance company enables secure B2B file transfers to negate the risk of data breach and strengthen compliance…

In an era where sensitive electronic data is continuously created, stored and moved there has never been a greater risk of data loss. This risk now comes in all shapes and forms – from hackers to insider threats to inadvertent human error, the danger is ever present.

And with regulatory compliance authorities bearing down on organisations and business reputation and integrity at risk, recent research conducted by the Ponemon Institute has highlighted the average actual cost, direct and indirect, of a data breach in the UK. This cost currently stands in excess of:

• £82 per record breached
• 23,000 – the average number of records breached
• £1.9 million – the average organisational cost of a data breach in the UK

There are, however, safeguards you can take to ensure your organisation doesn’t become the next high profile data loss victim, and in this webinar we look at how one insurance company has utilised secure & managed file transfer to protect themselves from the associated financial and reputational costs of such a data breach.

21/11/13 – UK VMUG User Conference, National Motorcycle Museum, Solihull, 8:00am – 5:00pm GMT
Join HANDD Business Solutions & Linoma Software at the UK VMUG User Conference at the National Motorcycle Museum in Solihull, West Midlands, UK where we will be exhibiting the GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer suite.

14/11/13 – Live Webinar PLUS **Special Limited Time Offer**: Advanced SFTP Monitoring, Auditing and Un-Encryption – Stop Sensitive Data Leaving Your Organization Without Your Knowledge and Approval

We are offering a special end of year 100% money back guarantee, valid until December 31st 2013, with a special one-time opportunity to receive the SFTP version of CryptoAuditor in a generous package to include first year maintenance and support!

Join HANDD Business Solutions and SSH Communications Security on Thursday 14th November at 1:30PM GMT, where we will show you how easy it is to use CryptoAuditor and how powerful it can be in unencrypting your SFTP traffic.

October 2013

29/10/13 – Free Event – London Data Security Seminar – Data Creation, Data Access & Data Exchange: Securing the Journey of Your Data

Hear from industry experts in Data Creation, Data Access and Data Exchange, and learn how HANDD, Cleo, Varonis and Voltage Security can can help you protect and secure your data in, out and around your organisation at every stage of it’s journey.

17/10/13 – Free Event – London Data Security Seminar – The Emergence of the ‘Insider Threat’ & the Transition from Network-Centric Protection to Data-Centric Protection – with Watchful Software

As enterprise security threats continue to evolve, the emergence of the ‘insider-threat’ has now become a key motivator for CIOs and CSOs. In this boardroom seminar, we will discuss:

  • The ‘Journey of Data’, and the evolving control points that need to be managed
  • The move in the industry from network-centric protection to data-centric protection
  • Watchful RightsWATCH as a prime example of a data-centric information protection strategy
  • Watchful RightWATCH and compliance, with a focus on PCI

01/10/13 – Free Event – London Data Security Seminar – SSH Access Management & Auditing – With Guest Speaker Tatu Ylönen, Inventor of the SSH Protocol

Exclusively for security personnel responsible for helping large enterprises identify and address IT security risk and compliance issues, this round table discussion and presentation with the father of the SSH protocol is not to be missed.

September 2013

24/09/13 – Free Event – London Data Security Seminar –  Securing the Journey of Your Data with Ipswitch File Transfer – Guest Speaker Andrew Glencross, NHS Wales

Today, business success is intrinsically reliant on successful data transfer. Employees and companies are increasingly under pressure to be more productive and regularly require and demand easier and quicker ways of sending and transferring company data. But it’s IT teams, tasked with ensuring the security of that corporate information and faced with strict compliance regulations, who are largely exposed to the risk of any data loss and resulting impact on the companY.

03/09/13 – Live Webinar – Secure, High Performance File Replication, Synchronisation & Version Control: Enabling Fast, Global Access to Your to Mission-Critical Data

In today’s business environment of remote workers and regional offices and departments in every continent, collaboration is key.

Important documents often need to be accessed, examined and edited by various people and departments within an organisation. Often these files may be highly sensitive, containing financial records, the latest products designs, and in the case of files such as CAD may be very large, making it laborious to send the latest updates to a colleague in another county, country or continent.

Such instances have led to the proliferation of consumer sync, store and share tools such as Dropbox within the business environment. These applications, often used by multiple individuals in any one organisation and utilised as make do business collaboration tools, offer little security and zero visibility for IT teams and often lead to a number of untrackable edited versions of the same document floating around the organisation, causing confusion amongst employees and risking breach of compliance mandates.

Enter Globalscape Wide Area File Services, or WAFS. WAFS takes your mission-critical data and puts it in multiple locations around the world… Now Available On Demand →

August 2013

July 2013

11/07/13 - Live Webinar: The Dangers of Unregulated File Transfers – Balancing the Needs of Employees, with the Needs of IT, with the Needs of the Organisation

Today, business success is intrinsically reliant on successful data exchange. Employees are increasingly under pressure to be more productive and regularly require and demand easier and quicker ways of sending and sharing company data. But it’s IT teams, tasked with ensuring the security of that corporate information and faced with strict compliance regulations, who are largely exposed to the risk of any data loss and resulting impact on the company.

Meanwhile, responding to a lack of suitable alternatives, employees are resorting to insecure, untrackable and non-compliant file transfer methods just get their work done. With traditional email, USB storage devices and insecure consumer cloud solutions such as Dropbox consistently being used to send and share potentially sensitive company information, IT teams are lacking visibility, security, compliance and control. Now Available On Demand →

June 2013

20/06/13 - Live Webinar: File Transfer Automation – Schedule, Secure, Manage and Automate Without the Need for Time-Consuming Scripting

Businesses bring together all kinds of data streams – the bigger the business, the more diverse and disparate the data, but collating these streams means manual scripting and hours of hands-on management.

And when information consumers in your organization rely on manual and intermittent batch processes to deliver the data they need, day-to-day productivity becomes dangerously vulnerable to manpower limitations, holidays, turn-over, and simple human error.

Enter automated file transfer. Automated FT software schedules and manages the movement of data internally and externally without the need for time-consuming scripting, no matter how large or diverse your organisation and its associated data streams are.

But automated file transfer doesn’t only take care of scheduled transfers… Now Available On Demand →

May 2013

02/05/13 - Live Webinar: Governance, Risk & Compliance – Do Your Data Transfers, Policies and Practices Meet Your Regulatory Obligations

It doesn’t matter which industry you are in, or how small your business is – you must comply with regulatory directives concerning data.

Various directives are used to keep data about your business, your customers and your partners safe – think PCI-DSS, FIPS 140-2, HIPAA, SOX, the UK Data Protection Act and regulation enforced by the Information Commissioner’s Office. These standards can be hard to meet, and even once you have achieved compliance through your data security and internal policies, regulations change and evolve.

The simple fact is the way that you transfer data in and out of your business must be compliant. Globalscape’s industry leading Managed File Transfer solution helps you to achieve file transfer compliance whilst meeting your governance, risk and security objectives both now, and as regulations change. Now Available On Demand →

April 2013

23/04/13 – 25/04/13 - Infosecurity Europe 2013 – Earls Court, London

Infosecurity Europe is Europe’s number one Information Security event.  Featuring over 350 exhibitors, the most diverse range of new products and services, an unrivalled education programme and over 12,400 unique visitors from every segment of the industry, it is the most important date in the calendar for Information Security professionals across Europe.

This year we will be co-exhibiting with Linoma Software. GoAnywhere from Linoma is a managed file transfer solution that makes data transfer, secure, fast and efficient. To learn more and meet the team, come and find us at stand C95!

We will also have a presence on a number of other vendor stands throughout the event, including Globalscape (Stand M66), SSH Communications Security (Stand F88) and WhiteHat Security (Stand H33).

Register as a guest of HANDD and Linoma before 19th April for your complimentary visitors pass, saving £20 on the standard entrance fee.

09/04/13 - Live Webinar: Planning An Effective DLP Strategy

DLP, and especially in its recent evolution to DLP 3.0, defines data protection in terms of the combined risks and threats that companies must be able to define, measure, and mitigate in order to protect their most critical data.  This broad approach requires a toolset that can adapt to the specific needs of each individual company while offering equal measures of preventative and protective controls.  We have seen this balanced approach be the critical factor in delivering successful data protection projects in the hundreds of companies that we have worked with. Register now to learn more about DLP 3.0 from Verdasys. Now Available On Demand →

March 2013

21/03/13 - Live Webinar: Business Intelligence Dashboards for File Transfer

When a file moves into, out of, or within your company, you should know about it. And when a file transfer fails, you – not your supplier or your customer – should be the first to know about that, too.

Globalscape Business Activity Monitor provides business and technical dashboards that allow business and IT users to view and react to all data exchanges and monitored data processes. Register for this live webiar to learn more about Gloablscape BAM. Now Available On Demand →

20/03/13 – 21/03/13 - Infosecurity World Exhibition & Conference, Kuala Lumpur

Infosecurity World is an annual exhibition and conference dedicated to Asia Pacific information security marketplace. The event showcases latest innovation, products and services from established to emerging brands.

February 2013

28/02/13 - Live Webinar: GoAnywhere Director Makes Managed File Transfer Easy

Today more than ever before, business data and file transfers are increasingly complex, often involving large or sensitive data moving in, around and out of your organisation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These transfers inevitably involve multiple people, systems and applications, making administering, securing, ensuring and protecting these business-critical data and file transfers a real headache for IT administrators. Until now.

Introducing GoAnywhere Director from Linoma. This webinar will demonstrate how GoAnywhere easily allows your company to automate, secure and manage all your file transfers. You will earn how it will improve your workflows whilst ensuring the security of your data and maintaining complete control over the process.

27/02/13 - Live Webinar: Case Study Webinar: SSH Key Remediation in SSH Environments

In this webinar, you will learn how a major top 10 international bank engaged SSH Communications Security’s technical deployment team to remediate their secure shell environment after failing an audit. SSH helped this customer discover more than 1 million keys in their environment across 10,000+ hosts and begin the process of bringing their environment into compliance while enhancing their security posture.

27/02/13 - Live Webinar: Globalscape File Transfer: Avoiding or Migrating Away From Cost Prohibitive Software

Maybe you have a home grown ‘in house’ file transfer solution, are close to investing in Managed File Transfer Software, or already have something in place and are tired of paying over the odds on maintenance and consultancy every time anything needs to be changed.

If you want to save money without compromising security, visibility, flexibility and functionality you should attend this webinar.

26/02/13 - Live Webinar: Introducing Secure Person-to-Person File Sharing From Ipswitch

Imagine if your organisation’s classified and confidential information fell into the wrong hands. It could lead to irreparable competitive disadvantage, unwanted publicity, potential fines, and even lost revenues.

A recent survey revealed the majority of business employees are moving proprietary information via insecure digital means – and ad-hoc, person-to-person file sharing is a significant area of exposure.

Don’t let your organisation become the next high profile data loss victim. Register today to learn more about the secure person -to-person file sharing solutions from Ipswitch.

January 2013

24/01/13 - Live Webinar: The Secure Dropbox Alternative from Globalscape

In recent years, as more of this data is exchanged, a worrying trend has now become an epidemic. Facing a lack of suitable alternatives offered by their employers, employees have resorted to using personal consumer cloud solutions such as Dropbox to store and send often highly sensitive company data, files, records, intellectual properties and more, putting your organisations prime information assets at risk.

In this webinar we are going to look at why your organisation should eradicate consumer cloud solutions such as Dropbox and consider instead a Secure Managed File Transfer solution from Globalscape. Now Available On Demand →

23/01/13 - Live Webinar: CryptoAuditor: Enable DLP and Monitoring on your Encrypted Networks

Presented by SSH, this webinar will demonstrate how CryptoAuditor turns the tables on potential insider threats while helping you meet or exceed compliance mandates. In the past, malicious users have been able to use encrypted connections to avoid any monitoring of their actions. With CryptoAuditor, SSH, SFTP and RDP traffic can be unencrypted and recorded on the fly, all without impacting administrators.

December 2012

18/12/12 - Live Webinar: PCI DSS & SSH Key Management for QSA’s

You Can’t Audit What You Can’t See – One of the biggest challenges to bringing PCI DSS covered entities into compliance is having the tools to discover and remediate the environment. Universal SSH Key Manager offers QSA’s a turnkey tool that enables discovery of active and inactive SSH keys, users and trust relationships. This capability enables remediation of the environment to ensure compliance.

12/12/12 - Live Webinar: Flexible Secure File Sharing from Globalscape

With Globalscape’s Managed File Transfer software solutions, companies can automate and centralize both massive and ad hoc data-movement processes, give employees an easy way to exchange files, improve audit oversight and embed security controls such as policy-driven encryption and access control.
Now Available On Demand →

12/12/12 - Live Webinar: Eliminate Insecure File Transfer with Attachmate

Email has become the standard way that we all send files to each other. Something it was never intended to do. Managing the storage requirements of the email server can be a full time job, so most organisations set a maximum file size for attachments. But what happens when users want to send large and possible confidential attachments? When faced with this kind of challenge, users will always find a way. How would you do it? Learn how to prevent the use of insecure personal email accounts and keep email secure, compliant and audited from sender to recipient.

06/12/12 - Live Webinar: Secure, Business-Class File Sharing and Transfer from Ipswitch FT

Today, with the proliferation of insecure consumer tools such as Dropbox and YouSendIt, truly secure business-class managed file transfer / person-to-person file transfer has become a real necessity for Enterprise organisations and their IT teams. Join us for this free live webinar, where we will be discussing in detail the secure Ipswitch solutions to the insecure Dropbox question.