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July 2015

Thursday 16th July 2015, 2pm (UK time)

Live Webinar: 10 Ways To Make File Transfers Easier, Automated & Secure

Many organizations still transfer files the hard way using legacy programs or cumbersome tools. Wouldn’t it be great if one solution could handle all your requirements, including:

Secure File Transfer (SFTP, FTPS, HTTPS, AS2 and Open PGP

Full Feature Data Translation – XML, CSV, Exceland Fixed-width

Time-Saving Automation – Guarantee delivery, receive alerts, audit file activity

Join us for a free webinar to get a preview of GoAnywhere and what it can do for your organization’s file transfers.

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June 2015

Thursday 25th June 2015, 10am – 4pm

IT Security Conference & Exhibition: Securing the Journey of Your Data

Join some of the leading vendors in the industry as they address the latest challenges in information security, providing you with business critical insight, best practice and practical case studies.

Speakers include information security thought-leaders from public and private sector end-users, industry experts and vendors.

Discover new products and solutions to help you secure your organisation.

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June 2015

Thursday 18th June 2015, 10am (BST)

Webinar: Data Classification – The First Step to Securing Your Data

Putting data classification at the heart of your business allows you to reduce the business risk of valued and sensitive information ending up in the wrong hands, whilst enhancing decision making and increasing the effectiveness of DLP, Rights Management and other technologies.

In this webinar Krysztof Sobierajski , Pre-Sales Consultant at Boldon James, will explore the various ways in which data classification can benefit your business, and how one of our clients (Delta Credit) has successfully implemented Data Classification solutions and the benefits they have realised.

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 May 2015

Friday 15th May 2015, 11am (BST)

Webinar: Thieves, Snoops & Idiots – An Enterprise Guide to Smart Encryption

Identify those who exploit gaps in enterprise information security every day…

The world of data protection is under attack and the risks facing business information security can be categorised by three main threats: thieves, snoops and idiots.

This webinar takes a look at what we mean by ‘Thieves, Snoops & Idiots’ and discusses what both business leaders and security developers can do about them.

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April 2015

Friday 24th Apil 2015, 10am (BST)

Webinar: Ransomware Security Threats – A look behind the attack.

An insight into the latest criminal underground threats and best practices to protect your data and systems…

Hackers are increasingly using ransomware to target businesses and demanding payment before releasing the data that has been encrypted and held hostage.

Join HANDD Business Solutions and guest speaker John Cassidy, VP EMEA –  iSheriff  as he outlines the latest security threats and best practices to protect your businesses data and systems from cyber-criminal hijacking and ransomware security threats.

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 April 2015

Thursday 23rd Apil 2015

3:00 PM – UK and Ireland (BST)  |  4:00 PM mainland Europe (CET)  |  4:00 PM South Africa (SAST)

Webinar: 10 Ways to make file transfer easier, automated & secure.

Still transferring files using legacy programs or cumbersome tools? Struggling to automate, secure and provide audit trails on file transfers?

 Join Linoma Software to discover how an effective Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution can solve these challenges with centralized control and logging, intuitive interfaces and strong encryption.
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March 2015

Wednesday 18th March 2015, 5pm (GMT)

Webinar: It’s time for a Secure File Gateway.

Unsensitive data is getting worse with files in cloud storage…

Join WatchDox as they discuss the need for a Secure File Gateway to mitigate the risk of data breaches

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March 2015

Thursday 19th March 2015, 4pm (GMT)

Webinar: Practices for Enhancing Data Security.

A Bloor Research survey of organisations across the US and UK

This webinar will feature new research in a Bloor Research report by Fran Howarth, which looks at the data security concerns facing organisations today and the mitigating actions that are being put in place to reduce risk and drive more effective security policies. Fran will be joined by Boldon James CEO, Martin Sugden, who will demonstrate how Data Classification solutions should be at the heart of any data centric security approach.

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March 2015

Thursday 26th March 2015, 4pm (GMT)

Webinar: Drop the Box – Secure Enterprise File Sharing Alternatives.

63% of employees use unsanctioned tools to share sensitive company information.

According to a Ponemon Institute report, the greatest threat to data security today is the carelessness of corporate employees.

Unfortunately, many employees are using unsafe file-sharing methods like consumer-grade file-sharing tools, personal email, and cloud storage services. While these tools make it easily to share information, they create serious problems for you.

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 March 2015

Thursday 26th March 2015, 5pm (GMT)

Webinar: Introducing GoDrive From Linoma.

File Sharing with GoAnywhere: Simple, Secure and Automated

Introducing the new GoDrive – The on-premise Enterprise File Sync and Sharing solution. Put IT back in control with an innovative EFSS solution from Linoma Software. GoDrive delivers on-site hosting of files while allowing users to access and share from anywhere.

  • Secure File Sharing
    End-to-end encryption, audit logs, manage users and remote wipe
  •  Collaboration
    Drag-n-drop, thumbnail previews, version control and trash bin
  •  Benefits Over Cloud
    Unlimited storage scalability and no subscription fees

This webinar will demonstrate what it can do for collaboration in your organization. Senior engineers will be on hand during the webinar to answer your questions.

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