On demand webinar: How to maximise your EFT investment

May 21st 2020

May 21st 2020

Location: On Demand

During this webinar, Richard Foresyth, Sales Engineer at Globalscape, will walk you through some of the modules and customisation capabilities you might not have explored yet. He’ll share some unique customer use experiences to illustrate just how versatile and customisable this MFT solution can be across a variety of organisations and how you can tap into that potential at your own.

You will find out how customers are maximising the return on their investment with Globalscape’s EFT by taking advantage of modules such as Workspaces, Advanced Workspace Engines (AWE) Module, Advance Security (ASM) Module, Auditing & Reporting Module and so much more. In addition to walking you through how you can best optimise your use of the EFT product, we’ll also include a short product roadmap.

By watching you will learn;

  • How robust the solution can be
  • How your peers are utilising EFT’s capabilities
  • About EFTs modules and customisation
  • How to take advantage of all the uses of EFT that are possible

Watch here.