On demand webinar: How to remove data security risk from file transfers

Jun 21st 2020

Jun 21st 2020

Location: On Demand

Many organisations have secure file transfer requirements. However, encrypting the transmission of content is not always enough.

GoAnywhere and Clearswift – both part of the data security suite from HelpSystems – have joined technology forces to enable the sharing of information with an unprecedented level of management and security, ensuring that the information transferred is only accessed by authorised parties and is sanitised of malicious threats.

During this webinar, Steve Mabbutt, Technical Services Manager, GoAnywhere and John Kennedy, VP Global Sales Engineering, Clearswift will demonstrate how the solutions easily work together to provide an additional layer of security to protect both your data and your organisation’s reputation.

GoAnywhere and Clearswift work together to improve your cybersecurity stance. You will learn how Clearswift’s Secure ICAP Gateway integrates with GoAnywhere for a flexible, seamless, and frictionless method to share critical and sensitive information.

By watching this webinar you will learn how Clearswift combined with GoAnywhere MFT provide a versatile secure collaboration.

Watch here.