Don’t Forget About Managed File Transfer

Managed File Transfer (MFT) is not sexy. It just isn’t, but quite often the wider picture of things it facilitates is. MFT underpins business processes and interactions which are often much grander than moving a file via the humble SFTP protocol.

When talking to our customers, I am always amazed when I find out what these transfers and automated processes are achieving for them.

MFT can move data which in turn means trucks are on the road.

MFT can move data which in turn means people get their wages (my personal favourite day of each month).

MFT can move data which sees applications processed or insurance premiums calculated.

As you can appreciate, it is much more than just a flow of data in the grand scheme of it all.

Customers often say similar things about MFT being left to its own devices, and how “it just works”. Which is both great to hear and concerning at the same time. Poor old MFT often running on outdated hardware, Operating Systems and ultimately old software versions.

We saw a good helping of customers trying to migrate off Windows Server 2008 recently following Microsoft’s decision to move it to End of Life. Work like this is made all the harder the longer software versions remain untouched and unpatched. The longer this goes on the bigger the risk to your important processes.

Recently, we saw a bank in New Zealand succumb to a breach of information as a direct result of an unpatched outdated system and whilst I do not wish this situation to befall any of HANDD’s customers, the longer your MFT system sits in the dark ages the bigger this risk becomes.

Upgrading to latest versions brings with it so many benefits in terms of security through bug fixes and the ability to use things like the latest cipher suites or encryption techniques, not to mention feature enhancements which could make life easier without cost to your organisation.

If this resonates with you, talk to your account manager to see if our professional services or solution architecture teams can assist your journey back into the 21st century…contact us today at or phone +44 (0)845 643 4063.

Sam Malkin – Lead Solutions Architect, HANDD Business Solutions