A Global Pharmaceutical Company needed data classified so it could be protected using downstream technologies such as DLP and Data Governance.

We introduced a system that injected metadata tags into emails and documents to enable DLP to stop sensitive classified content from leaving the building and raise user awareness with clear visual markers on documents.

Global Pharmaceutical Company

A Global Bank wanted to raise user awareness of file sensitivity and be able to audit activity on sensitive data.

We deployed a new technology to give our client the capability they required. We also ran a series of internal events to raise user-awareness and collate feedback on the solution.

A Global Bank

A Global Media Company needed to leverage Data Governance products to discover who was accessing data, where and when.

We deployed a solution that attached metatags to files so administrators could scan network repositories and discover the location of sensitive information, and see how it was being handled.

A Global Media Company

Fortra’s Boldon James Exchange Classifier enables you to map your data protection policy to policies of partners and sister organisations anywhere in the world, even if they don’t use Exchange Classifier.

There are huge benefits to global collaboration but data-sharing with partners in another town, city or even country can increase the risks to your data. Policy mapping helps you to lay tracks for where your data can go and fences that protect data from straying.


Exchange Classifier not only classifies data by complementing user-classification with automated rule-based categorization of files, but also makes data protection easier by controlling who can receive and access your data sent through Microsoft Exchange.  By mapping data protection policies Exchange Classifier protects your data through the entirety of its journey, preventing it from being sent, maliciously or accidentally, to those companies, individuals or user-groups that don’t have the rights and permissions to see it.

Fortra’s Boldon James Exchange Classifier
Product Benefits
  • Thoroughly and consistently apply classifications
  • Improve the return on investment for your DLP software
  • Simple and easy classification without disrupting existing working practices
  • Match data protection policies for closer and safer collaboration
Fortra’s Boldon James Exchange Classifier
Works With
  • Fortra’s Boldon James CAD Classifier
  • Fortra’s Boldon James Mobile Classifier
  • Fortra’s Boldon James Office Classifier
  • Fortra’s Boldon James Notes Classifier
  • Fortra’s Boldon James SharePoint Classifier
  • Fortra’s Boldon James OWA
  • Fortra’s Boldon James Mobile Filter
  • Fortra’s Boldon James Classifier Reporting
  • Fortra’s Boldon James Email Classifier
  • Microsoft File Explorer
Fortra’s Boldon James Exchange Classifier
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For more information, download the whitepaper Five Steps to Effective Data Protection.

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