Varonis – “Anatomy Of A Phish”0

Security analysts have been telling us that phishing incidents have been on the rise, and the threat will get worse in the coming years. Sure phishing and other social attacks are insanely clever, tricking victims into effectively inviting hackers in through the front door. But when cyber thieves also use advanced persistent threats or APTs—embedding this stealthy malware in the phish mail—the attack becomes even deadlier.  … Read more →

Data Loss Prevention Software0

Data Loss Prevention Software is extremely important for businesses who use and transfer sensitive information such as personal details of clients or confidential company information. However, businesses can only go so far when implementing such solutions as when it comes to enforcement, problems can arise, particularly if employees are unaware of data security measures or how to apply them. Data Loss Prevention Software is complex and multifaceted but it is a particularly effective solution which can go some way to safeguarding information and reduce the risk of data falling into the wrong hands.  … Read more →

Content Aware Data Loss Prevention0

In order to implement an effective data loss prevention strategy you need to be aware of the content contained within the data. As soon as the information leaves your organisation, whether it is being sent to the cloud or transferred to a removable storage device, your data loss prevention policies need to be deployed and this is where Content Aware Data Loss Prevention can be implemented. If you want to use a system which will reduce costs and streamline business processes but it is an external, web based or cloud transfer method, content aware data loss prevention solutions enable you to effectively control at the end point and establish permissions for the type of data which can be distributed, stored, received or used by cloud based services. … Read more →

How Does Zscaler’s Nanolog Streaming Service Work?0

Zscaler Direct-to-Cloud Network (DCN) ensures advanced security and policy compliance for all users, across all devices and locations while simultaneously providing IT administrators’ in-depth visibility and control over all their user traffic.
With its patented Nanolog Streaming Service,  Zscaler consolidates logs from all users globally into a central repository in real time. The solution is an innovative system which provides IT administrators with a single point of reference where they can view and mine a plethora of transaction information across multiple devices, applications and locations.  … Read more →

Application Control from Zscaler0

Controlling Application use with Zscaler

Businesses are constantly evolving and in recent years there has been a considerable shift away from the conventional ways in which businesses once functioned. With the increasing use of technology, businesses are storing information in multiple places such as cloud applications and on social media platforms. As such each application and platform needs to be adequately controlled using application control software, to prevent any data breaches. An array of business departments including sales, marketing, finance and human resources are migrating to cloud technology. … Read more →

Free Tool: SSH Risk Assessor

Obtain actionable information as to the state of compliance and risk in your SSH environment:
Free Website Security Risk CheckFree Tool: SSH Risk Assessor

Definitive Guide to File Transfer – Free Download

file transfer experts guide to file transfer

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