It’s Time to Get SASE

Who doesn’t love a new acronym? IT practitioners and those in security particularly enjoy using acronyms and abbreviations, so much so that to the uninitiated we could be construed to be conversing in a differing language.

This particular acronym has the benefit of being shortened to something which, in other walks of life, means something very different. SASE, pronounced “sassy” means Secure Access Service Edge, a term Gartner coined in 2019 and is best described as an amalgamation of various different Cloud Security technologies.

SASE has boomed in the post-pandemic ‘no office’ world, and it’s done that by consuming a lot of the technologies which originally catered for Cloud Data Security and remote working.

Things like Next-Gen Firewall, Web Filtration and WAN networking on a small scale can be achieved through SASE software for the remote worker.

Bolt into that the Cloud Application Security Broker (CASB) functionality we used to rely on to keep our data safe in SaaS, PaaS and IaaS services like O365. Zero Trust Network Access, a process of providing identity and context-based access to resources and data.

All naturally delivered through low-touch cloud services, and we’re some way to starting to understand the problems SASE solves for the mobile and flexible workforces in 2021 and beyond.

Ultimately, SASE becomes a catch-all descriptor for integrated technology stack for your workforce outside of the perimeter. Providing a closer than ever way to mimic the security provided within the walls of your organisations when venturing outside of it.

SASE platforms provide things like SSL inspection, browser isolation, and sandboxing which used to fall into the Web Security/Firewall categories. As well as the traditional enterprise Data Loss Prevention (DLP) suite of “who can send what where”. Like enterprise DLP this can be overlaid to multiple destinations, be they cloud (CASB) or on-premise applications or data centres.

Businesses of all sizes are mitigating risk by utilising SASE services to protect their data. It is time to start getting SASE!

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