The Reason Your Cloud Platform Needs Policing

According to recently published data from the UK based ISP Zen Internet, up to 89% of technology is soon to be hosted “off-premise”. For anyone who’s not lived in a cave for the past few years this is hardly surprising.

Cloud operations suited so much of our business needs and wants pre-2020, but without a shadow of doubt it was the shift to hybrid working and our reluctance to revisit the office which has continued to see these figures lie so heavily on the side of the cloud providers and aaS models.

Without wanting to sound like a broken record, it’s important to remember when shifting to the cloud where our priorities and responsibilities lie.

Responsibility of where your data sits

The stuff that matters is still your responsibility: the people and the data (arguably the bits that create the problem). Where your employees and consumers create, interact, and share information in the cloud is where a considerable amount of Cloud Data Security problems originate.

Solving that problem is probably just as tricky, if not trickier than it was on premise. And as with most things, a multitude of vendors and platforms are here to tell us they’ll take all of our troubles away.

CASB, CIEM, ZTNA, CSPM, SASE. Those are just the acronyms! Cloud Data Protection Gateways. Identity-Based Segmentation. Cloud Application Discovery. The list is endless.

Sifting through something like a Hype Cycle or an analyst’s Strategic Roadmap is enough to make you think you need more tooling than you did in the first place! Wasn’t this one of the very problems you’d expected to solve by shifting into that nice CSPs environment with all those super tools? You know the ones that aren’t included in your standard licence set… Ohh, damn.

The long and short of it is that Cloud Platforms need policing. They need a Data Security Platform wrap. You still need a SoC and you still have risks! Risks that can be exploited from anywhere in the world, at any time of day, often with any device.

If you’re struggling to understand where you should be pointing the telescope into the clouds then talk to one of HANDD’s Data Security Experts today.