Data Loss Prevention

Classify, Monitor and Secure Your Data

Most enterprises have clearly defined policies when it comes to data protection, but enforcing these policies at the end user level is difficult.

Data loss prevention (DLP) is not a simple tool or solution, but an approach that applies technology to enforce your data protection policies and mitigate the risk of lost data.

Using a combination of methods including data classification, permission management, data ownership and website security, we can provide data loss prevention solutions that offer complete peace of mind and full end user accountability.

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Lets take a closer look at Data Loss Prevention

Successful data loss prevention begins with a single step, but a successful solution usually combines multiple practices and software solutions.

Data Classification

The first thing any enterprise should do for data loss prevention is to define the data that needs protection.

Data classification allows you to identify the confidentiality of all of your data (including emails) and clearly mark the most sensitive information as such.

Data classification is usually a user-driven process that effectively draws a line in the sand – any data that is created from this point forwards will be classified.

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Data Loss Prevention v Enterprise Information Protection (EIP)

Traditionally, data loss prevention vendors have focused their attention on an infrastructure approach to security.

Enterprise Information Protection is a data-centric security approach that works to protect data at point of use.

Enterprise Information Protection will:

  • Discover and classify sensitive data by content and context, gaining visibility into how it is used by end users including employees, contractors and partners
  • Provide actionable support for assessing the risk of sharing sensitive data, enabling managers to make informed business decisions and effective data security policies
  • Allow you to implement automated, policy-driven data protection that makes users accountable for how data is handles
  • Block, record and receive alerts in the event of high-risk behaviour

As a result, EIP is an effective way to enforce secure and compliant data use beyond the enterprise and between your third-party colleagues.

Advanced Persistent Threat (APT)

Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) are the new level of custom malware designed to extract data from specific classified networks. APT are highly sophisticated attacks. They need a highly sophisticated form of data loss prevention.

Verdasys Digital Guardian is a data-centric platform for Enterprise Information Protection (EIP) that is able to detect and stop custom malware designed to steal your sensitive data.

Permission Management

Who has access to your sensitive data? Advanced permission management can tell you.

The Varonis Data Governance Suite gives you detailed visibility into your data, showing you who has access. Conversely, you can use the software in reverse to see which data can be accessed by a given user or group.

You can also use the Data Governance Suite to identify potential permission issues – for example, those files and folders with excessive out-dated permissions.

Entitlement Reviews

Entitlement reviews are a critical part of data loss prevention. You need to be able to understand:

  • Which folders or groups need owners?
  • Who currently which folders and groups?
  • How can you deliver actionable information about data and groups to owners?
  • How can this process be automated to save you time and money?

The Varonis Data Governance Suite automates the process of entitlement review and permissions auditing.

Through an automated process, you can identify the resources that need to be reviewed, align security groups with data sets, identify data owners and give them access to actionable intelligence.

Best of all, as an automated solution, the Varonis Data Governance Suite puts your data owners in control of their data without adding to your manual workload.

Finding Data Owners

Finding data owners is an important step in achieving user accountability and improving data security.

The Varonis Data Governance Suite audits every access event on Windows, SharePoint, UNIX/Linux, EMC Celerra, NetApp filters and Exchange mailboxes.

With this intelligence, you can see who is using data the most, right alongside useful Active Directory metadata including the ‘department’ and ‘managed by’ attributes.

As a result, every data asset has an identifiable owner who can be responsible for preventing its loss.

Data In Transit

Data sharing is fundamental to the success of modern enterprises, but every time that data is moved, it is exposed.

How can you share data with suppliers, customers, government agencies and divisional officers while maintaining security, management and accountability?

Managed File Transfer solutions centralize file transfer activity, creating a compliant solution that does not only secure your data but also provides detailed and granular auditing.

Where is your data? With a managed file transfer solution, it’s wherever you want it to be.

Data Loss Prevention Products

To help you find a suitable data loss prevention solution, we work to identify the best vendors in the sector. When you choose a HANDD Certified solution, you can be confident that your software has been rigorously tested by our team of DLP engineers.

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