Identity Access Management – The Difficulties of Access Management

Identity access management is paramount when considering the safety of your valuable data. Problems with access management are the leading causes of data breaches and losses to companies from data exposure. Therefore, this crucial step in data protection is best managed by an external business solutions company, one with expertise in the field. But it also helps to know some of the difficulties that they face in effectively securing data in the modern commercial environment. Essentially, only the most competent solutions company should be in charge of this operation. So, what are some of the difficulties and solutions of identity access management?

What Data Protection Problems Do We Face Nowadays?

A central conundrum faces data protection and identity access management. Sensitive data must be kept secure, and should not be exposed to potential leaks and public distribution. Yet at the same time, data is there to be accessed, and needs to be used by certain individuals in order to do their respective jobs. Thus data protection is a problem of identification. An identity access management system must be able to discriminate between users wanting to access various levels of data, and whether each is allowed to do so. This is the pivotal function of any data classification and data protection program, and fooling this function is the leading cause of disastrous data leaks. One of the biggest problems facing modern day identity and access management tools is an increasingly distributed workforce. Once, with a locked safe and a handful of individuals who knew the codes, this was not the case. Nowadays, an incredibly flexible work environment offers the challenge of providing security controls independent of geography. In order to recruit the best talent, many companies have turned to a remote workforce. While advantageous to companies, this presents problems for IT teams, who simply have less control and insight over a remote workforce than they do at the office. Providing identity access management solutions for a workforce spread potentially worldwide becomes tricky at best. The solution to this is a centrally organised and comprehensive identity access management solution. Naturally, this requires some investment, and some companies are unwilling to foot the bill. Bear in mind, though, the potential cost of a catastrophic data breach, and the expense becomes justifiable.

The Modern Identity Access Management Solution

Quite simply put, the modern identity access management solution requires increased investment to be viable in the modern workplace. Not least of the reasons for this is another significant challenge posed to data protection; which is the massive growth of cloud-based applications and of distributed applications, alongside a widely spread workforce. Users can now log into critical business apps like Office 365 and Concur from all over the world, at any time and on any device. This presents obvious security problems; but also with a diffusion of applications and devices, creates frustration with password access and can cost IT departments dearly. The exponential growth in cloud-based applications means that users potentially have to remember a profusion of passwords, and use a variety of authentication and sharing protocols. Difficulties not only lead to exasperation on the part of employees, but also to a resource drain on IT departments, to whom employees will immediately turn. The solution to this particular problem also comes with technology. This is why it is essential to find identity access management vendors who understand the technological solutions to modern day problems. By federating user identity and by extending secure sign-on capabilities to cloud-based applications and technologies, companies can effectively defeat the irritation of having multiple domains. Integrating password management is just one of the steps identity access management companies can take, but it is nonetheless an important one. But in order to get the best management solutions, you need an effective business solutions company. You can find one of these in HANDD Business Solutions.

Identity Access Management Services From HANDD Business Solutions

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