Identity Access Management Training For Your Staff

Identity access management training and education for your staff is one of the most important aspects of implementing any data security procedure within your company. It can also be an aspect forgotten until the very end of the process. To work properly, this needs to form part of your initial digital strategy.

Whenever a business begins to devise a data protection strategy, the first thing that should take place is an overall analysis of your business’s security needs. At a fundamental level, this should include how your employees operate and how they interact with your systems. They are the service users of your end product and it’s important that your identity access management systems are not only accessible to them but also that they understand what you’re trying to achieve. Some data security measures can seem draconian to your average employee and they can easily feel victimised and mistrusted by any alteration to your system. Your job is to make them understand that you’re implementing fresh security measures to protect everyone in the company, including them. If your employees are involved in developing the security system and if you take their opinions and specific knowledge into account, you’ll find that your workforce will generally be much happier with the implementation of data classification or identity access management tools. Otherwise, you may find that not only have you misunderstood aspects of your business that others could have aided comprehension of, you may also have unhappy service users unwilling to embrace whatever new management systems you’re trying to implement.

At HANDD Business Solutions, we know that security doesn’t stop with the software. That’s why we offer identity access management training to teach users best practice and how to properly handle our systems. In addition, we always develop systems based on users. For more information, visit our website at or call +44 (0)845 643 4063.