WEBINAR: Solving Critical Security Problems with Securonix User & Entity Behaviour Analytics

Mar 24th 2017

Mar 24th 2017

Location: Webinar

Securonix, the leader in User & Entity Behaviour Analytics, helps companies detect insider and outsider threats by enriching data and applying Behavioural Analytics to existing information security, application and identity data. If you are working to stop data exfiltration, privileged account misuse, ransomware or inappropriate cloud usage, this is a vital webinar.

In this hour-long webinar on the 24th March at 3pm GMT, we will discuss;

  • Signature-less behaviour based analytics for detecting insider and targeted cyber attacks
  • User centric monitoring across hosts, network and applications
  • Privileged account monitoring and misuse detection
  • Over 90% reduction in security events warranting investigations

Presenter: Matthew Pearson, EMEA Channel Director, Securonix
Date: 24th March 3pm GMT
Duration: 1 hour