Meeting the Highest Standards of Secure Communication0

The internet has transformed the way we do business. Today, enterprises can share data internally and externally, leveraging new partnerships to create opportunities. You can communicate with just about any organisation, anywhere in the world, but only if they let you. Indeed, some organisations now demand a method of secure communication is in place before they will even consider a business or trading partnership. … Read more →

How To Enforce Your Data Security Policy0

It’s a question that every business must face – how do we enforce our data security policy, particularly regarding file transfers? These policies are easy to write. It’s easy to know what your employees and end-users should be doing, and which file transfer methods are off-limits – but they are far more difficult to enforce.

If your users are turning to peer-to-peer file sharing, file sharing websites such as Dropbox, or insecure email attachments, your data is exposed to significant risk. It’s not enough to assume that employees will follow your procedures – you need to take steps to make sure they do. For most businesses, the first step is to raise awareness and implement training. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work. … Read more →

Multiple Managed File Transfer Implementations: Can Your MFT Solution Grow On Demand?0

  • Multiple Managed File Transfer Implementations Use Case: Read Now →

Enterprises that want to implement a managed file transfer (MFT) solution have a problem. They need to share data more securely, more efficiently, or with more ease. Often, these problems are localised. Attachmate FileXpress is put to use for a specific number of processes, acting as an effective solution for the given issues and objectives.

Once FileXpress is in place, everything changes. Suddenly, organisations discover new processes that could benefit from being brought into MFT. What begins as an implementation of 100 processes quickly becomes a need for 500, 1000, or more.

The way that enterprises see FileXpress in action and demand more is testament to its powerful features and remarkable ease of use. Fortunately, FileXpress is also ready to grow. … Read more →

Insecure File Transfers: Protecting Your Enterprise Against Risk0

When it comes to file sharing, the security of your data is under threat. Whenever your files are being moved from one place to another, they can be lost, corrupted, arrive at the wrong destination or be intercepted by criminals. The risks are even greater if your organisation and it’s employees are regularly practising insecure file transfers, and the consequences could be catastrophic.

And yet, as industries become increasingly connected, those smart organisations that embrace and encourage file transfer make themselves more agile. Simply put, data sharing empowers businesses.

So how can you allow employees to confidently share your data with colleagues, customers and partners – without increasing your organisational risk? … Read more →

Comparing Managed File Transfer Solutions: How MFT Can Deliver Big Returns0

Comparing Managed File Transfer Solutions

When comparing managed file transfer (MFT) solutions, it’s easy to get swept up in the technology. The right features empower your business with rich data transfer, and a technical analysis of your shortlisted MFT solutions is essential. However, the technical prowess of your solution is not the only thing you should be thinking about. … Read more →

Attachmate Corporation Announce Reflection for Secure IT Web Edition 8.0 and FileXpress FileShot 1.90

Business Users Achieve Secure and Simple File Transfers Leveraging Solutions From Attachmate

Attachmate Corporation today announced the availability of Attachmate® Reflection® for Secure IT Web Edition 8.0, a new addition to its Reflection for Secure IT product suite, and Attachmate® FileXpress® FileShot™ 1.9, an enterprise-class managed file transfer product that simplifies large file transfers between users. The new versions of FileXpress FileShot and Reflection for Secure IT address ease-of-use concerns, reliability, and data security challenges associated with user-driven file transfers. … Read more →