Hosted Managed File Transfer

Managed File Transfer with No Capital Expenditure

Most enterprises can benefit from managed file transfer, but not every enterprise has the on-going internal expertise or capital to implement an in-house solution.

To make managed file transfer accessible, HANDD provides a Hosted Managed File Transfer Solution. It’s the benefits of secure managed file transfer, without the capital expenditure.

Our hosted service, available in two options, offers end-to-end encrypted transfer and storage, along with the detailed reporting and granular control that businesses require. However, the infrastructure is hosted on our public cloud, leaving us to manage your service.

Hosted Managed File Transfer combines ease of use with rapid deployment and the robust security that you require. Best of all, it delivers these benefits at a predictable, consistent price.

Read on to find out more about our Hosted Managed File Transfer solution or contact us now for more help.

Let’s take a closer look at Hosted Managed File Transfer…

Simple User Interface

We are technically minded. If you’re reading this, you probably are too. But what about your users?

We have designed our Hosted Managed File Transfer solution to be incredibly easy to use, with a convenient interface that makes sending files easily using your web browser.

That means that your entire organisation, your customers, and your partners can transfer data securely – no matter how novice they are.

Fully Branded

We understand the every customer has their own preferences.

You can select a fully branded interface, a vanilla solution, or anything in between. Whatever you are looking for, we can help.

We can then apply your preferences across your users, permissions, logs, files, folders, branding and encrypted storage.

Security as Standard

A convenient user interface is great. Branding and customization is useful. But the success of a hosted managed file transfer solution depends on security.

We have created our service to provide secure end-to-end encrypted data transfer. Across files, email messages and web forms, we can keep your confidential data confidential.

See the HANDD Hosted Managed File Transfer solution in action – click here to register for a free WebEx demo.

Why choose HANDD?

HANDD is widely known as ‘the independent voice of file transfer and data security’. But what does independence really mean?

Although we partner with the leading providers of managed file transfer products, we remain focused on selecting the best solutions based on their merits. We do not have specific products to push – instead, we recommend the solution that works best for your enterprise.

Our independence is matched with our expertise. We are trusted by more than 400 customers throughout Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Asia. We recommend, source, implement and support managed file transfer solutions for customers around the world. We can do the same for you.

Find out more about what we do to deliver a successful managed file transfer project in this study.

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