Automated SFTP: File Transfer in the Communications Sector

How Does Automated File Transfer Address The Issues of the Communications Sector?

As ever, the communications industry is facing rapid change. Wireless technology is growing at an astonishing rate, providing incredible opportunities but, at the same time, presenting new problems.

The communications sector must acquire the necessary investments to ensure seamless upgrades to 4G, and support the adoption of wireless technology in key sectors such as health care and retail.

This is alongside a massive increase in data security threats.

Meeting the Demands of the Market

One of the most crucial objectives of the communications sector is simply meeting the demand for mobile communications. While other technology industries are experiencing downturns in business, the communications industry continues to grow.

This can only continue to happen if telecoms companies attract the necessary investment to ensure that mobile devices and tablets meet – and exceed – the performance demands of consumers.

Behind the tablets and mobile devices, the communications industry is responsible for supplying the wireless technology and infrastructure that can satisfy market demand.

Data Protection in the Wireless Age

With consumer demand comes scrutiny. While the communications industry continues to grow mobile technology at an impressive rate, wireless users need to be protected suitably. Wide-scale focus on mobile wireless security means that compliance and data protection is more important than ever before.

As well as securing customer data in transit and at rest, data needs to be moved internally, to investors, and across key areas of the supply chain including designers, manufacturers and retailers.

Automated file transfer can maintain the flow of your data without compromising on security.

The Automated SFTP Solution: Why is Automated File Transfer a Suitable Solution?

Control and Encrypt your Data

The communications sector needs to send and receive files without compromising security.

Secure File Transfer and Managed File Transfer enable organisations to transfer data in a controlled and encrypted way, across business partners and the supply chain. Sensitive data is protected internally, and remains protected on the move.

Move Your Data Automatically

Compliance standards mean that the communications industry must move data expediently and when triggered by specific events.

Automated file transfer provides a single point of control from which you can establish workflows for the movement of data. On schedule or on-event, you can ensure that your data always gets to where it needs to be quickly and efficiently.

A Single Point of Control, Audit and Management

The communications sector must meet the strict demands of compliance.

Automated file transfer offers a single, central point of control for your entire file transfer infrastructure. Crucially, this means that every file transfer can be audited in accordance with data protection standards.


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