Automated File Transfer

Automated File Transfer software gives you the chance to schedule file transfers, but it also does so much more. With the right file transfer solution, you can work from a single point of control to manage, audit, and streamline your data as it moves around your business.

But which is the right Automated File Transfer solution for you?

With the information below, you can make an informed decision that suits your enterprise and your specific use.

Read on to find out more about Automated File Transfer, the leading software vendors, and the key features of each package.

Of course, HANDD is available to consult and advise on the solution that fits your business. For independent help and advice, contact us now.

Lets take a closer look at Automated File Transfer…

What is Automated File Transfer?

Businesses bring together all kinds of data streams – the bigger the business, the more diverse and disparate the data. But collating these streams means manual scripting and hours of hands-on management.

An Automated File Transfer solution takes care of scheduled transfers, but also adds better security, more convenient management, and granular reporting.

Automated File Transfer software manages the movement of data to and from a central location, both internally and externally, giving you a secure and auditable trail without time-consuming scripting.

Is Automated File Transfer Secure?

Automated File Transfer software is middleware – it adds a layer of automation to your existing file transfer process.

If you choose a Secure File Transfer solution, you can add automation using add-on modules and plugins. Alternatively, we can help to integrate your Automated File Transfer solution with a secure transfer method.

What Platforms support Automated File Transfer?

The software is supported across all platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, IBM i, AIX, UNIX and Solaris (IBM i is also known as iSeries, AS/400 and AS400). Not all file transfer software vendors support all platforms, but you will find a compatible solution for your platform in our Automated File Transfer Software Vendor matrix.

Automated File Transfer Use Cases

Automated File Transfer is one of the most widely used solutions that we provide, and many of our clients use automation across their entire organisations.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Application Integration – FTP, SQL, Excel and more
  • Replace or enhance scripting
  • File Management and Manipulation
  • Web Services Adoption and Integration
  • Workload Automation and Scheduling
  • Email Automation

Transport for London (TFL), a customer that already uses secure transfer for Oyster card data, were extremely busy during the 2012 Olympic Games. To maintain a timely service, remote devices were used to send arrival and departure data to a central server. After automated file transfer had relayed the data, control teams could process information and monitor performance.

Leeds County Council uses secure automated file transfer to manage an internal library for schools services, scheduling and automating updates.

Automated File Transfer Software

At HANDD, we use strict selection criteria to partner with the leading providers in the industry. Some of the following vendors offer entire products for automated file transfer, while others offer modules to automate existing solutions.

Attachmate Platform Server

Globalscape EFT Server

Ipswitch MOVEit Central Corporate

Ipswitch MOVEit Central Enterprise

Linoma GoAnywhere Director

Why choose HANDD?

HANDD is widely known as ‘the independent voice of file transfer’. But what does independence really mean?

Although we partner with the leading providers of automated file transfer, we remain focused on selecting the best solutions based on their merits. We do not have specific products to push – instead, we recommend the solution that works best for your enterprise.

Our independence is matched with our expertise. We are trusted by more than 400 customers throughout Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Asia. We recommend, source, implement and support automated file transfer solutions for customers around the world. We can do the same for you.

Find out more about what we do to deliver a successful automated file transfer project in this study.

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