Ad Hoc File Transfer

Ad Hoc File Transfer allows your employees to send messages and files securely on an ad-hoc basis. Recipients receive an email with a link to the sensitive message content or attachments. When the link is clicked, a secure connection is established, ensuring that only the right people can access your data.

Distinctively, the best ad hoc file transfer solutions generate unique links that are individual to every recipient. This means that you can effortlessly audit how your data is being accessed.

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Ad Hoc File Transfer Features

Even businesses that do not depend on large-scale, wide-reaching file transfer solutions have the need to transfer email content and files on a regular basis.

Ad Hoc file transfer is available using a number of software solutions. Some of the most common features of these solutions include:

  • Microsoft Outlook Client plugin for sending secure data from Outlook
  • Browser support for sending data flexibly from a web browser
  • Send files to unregistered users
  • Invite users to register
  • Self-registration of end users
  • Disallow entire domains via Blacklists
  • Secure messaging, encrypting the body of the message as well as attachments
  • Secure replies, enabling recipients to respond securely
  • Cancel emails once they have been sent
  • Manage and secure embedded files
  • HTTPS security for file transfers
  • Password protection to authenticate access to message content and attachments
  • Time-limited or volume-limited downloads
  • Virus detection integration
  • Granular reporting and auditing to explore how data is being used and who it is being accessed by
  • Customizable templates for branded messages and file transfer portals

Can I use Ad Hoc File Transfer as a Secure Email Solution?

Yes – many companies use Ad Hoc File Transfer as a secure email solution to improve security and ensure compliance. With the right solution, you can meet the demands of compliance without making the process of sending data more complex. You can also make users more aware of sensitive data with email classification software.

Ad Hoc File Transfer Use Cases

Ad Hoc File Transfer is a widely used solution for far more than securing data in transit.

A few common uses are:

  • Offloading file attachments from email servers to reduce load and email storage costs
  • Giving users a secure and compliant solution that is easy to use and access, preventing them from turning to online file transfer, unencrypted email or removable media
  • Allowing users to send files of any size – without additional training or a new and unfamiliar interface
  • Enforcing security policies by encrypting sensitive data

Ad Hoc File Transfer Software

Using our detailed selection process, we have selected a range of ad hoc file transfer software vendors. These HANDD Certified Vendors deliver the most robust and reliable ad hoc file transfer software in the industry.

Why choose HANDD?

HANDD is widely known as ‘the independent voice of file transfer’. But what does independence really mean?

Although we partner with the leading providers of ad hoc file transfer, we remain focused on selecting the best solutions based on their merits. We do not have specific products to push – instead, we recommend the solution that works best for your enterprise.

Our independence is matched with our expertise. We are trusted by more than 400 customers throughout Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Asia. We recommend, source, implement and support ad hoc file transfer solutions for customers around the world. We can do the same for you.

Find out more about what we do to deliver a successful ad hoc file transfer project in this study.

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