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Premium Website Security for the Enterprise

For a long time, you only had to worry about securing your network. Now, the web is your new perimeter – and it’s much harder to secure.

The online threat landscape changes by the day and, as time passes, web attacks become more and more sophisticated. To reduce your exposure, plug your vulnerabilities and maintain robust security, you need website security software that is just as smart.

At HANDD, we are committed to working with the best website security software vendors to help you get the solution that you need. We compare the leading brands in website security software and, after rigorous testing, carefully select vendors to become HANDD Certified.

For website security software, we have selected WhiteHat Security.

Find out more about WhiteHat Security below or, alternatively, let us use our experience to recommend a solution that will work for your enterprise.

website security products WhiteHat Security delivers the most accurate, dependable, affordable and complete website security solutions in the industry.
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The 4 Phases of Website Security

Asset Identification

Do you know how many websites you have?  Not an educated guess but actually know?

More specifically what about the ones that generate revenue, hold sensitive company and customer data or store auditing and compliance data?

Identifying websites sounds easy but can be a daunting task.

WhiteHat’s Website Security Software can not only identify your website assets but also identify:

  • Is it a website?  (Often, companies secure domains but do not actually build a site under it, in which case no action is required)
  • Is there a load balancer in front of the website?
  • Is there a log-in?
  • Does it employ SSL?
  • Are there forms on the site?

The answers to questions such as these and your risk tolerance will determine your risk profile and arm you with the intelligence to make informed decisions on future website security investments.

Vulnerability Management

You now have a risk profile for all your websites, now you can determine how to manage the website vulnerabilities.

WhiteHat Website Security Software is a completely turnkey, SaaS based solution. No other solution is as easy to deploy, easy to manage or as cost-effective.  Or as comprehensive.  Now, you can manage all your website vulnerabilities through a single, easy-to-use-platform.

Traditional methods of vulnerability checking are scanning software or consultants, WhiteHat uses advanced scanning technology, plus the human based custom testing from the Threat Research Center.

Read more about the benefits of the WhiteHat Security approach to Website Vulnerability Scanning.


Easily and securely share your vulnerability data, website configurations and policy information across the multiple security, risk, compliance and operational departments across your organisation.

WhiteHat Website Security provides reliable and precise website vulnerability intelligence plus the ability to integrate in to existing enterprise risk and security reporting infrastructures including Archer, Snort, Jira, F5 Networks and Imperva.

Real data that can be actioned, everyone who needs to know does know – and can act on it.

Website Protection

The final phase – you now know your website assets and risk profile – in real time.

There are now 4 methods for managing your website vulnerabilities:

1. Open-Source Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) & Snort Integration

WhiteHat Sentinel is the first website vulnerability management solution to integrate verified website vulnerability data with Snort. This integration:

  • Extends IPS from the network space to websites, the #1 target for today’s hackers
  • Enables you to fine tune Snort alerts and correlate findings to reduce noise so security teams can focus on what matters most

2. Developer Remediation

WhiteHat Sentinel’s Web-based reporting provides granular customized reports that include:

  • Detailed vulnerability descriptions
  • “Retest now” functionality to confirm effective remediation
  • Trend reporting across enterprise websites
  • Open XML API for data export to bug-tracking systems

3. Security Education & Training

We don’t just install solutions, pat you on the back and be on our way. Our courses for developers and security professionals are unmatched for their high value and wealth of information.

4. WAF Integration/Virtual Patching

Integration of a WAF with WhiteHat Sentinel detects and defends against website vulnerabilities via virtual patching. We’re talking rapid identification and repair of vulnerabilities with extreme accuracy and efficiency that will rock your world.

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