Varonis DataPrivilege

The Challenge

Data entitlement management belongs with data owners – after all, they are the ones accountable to the enterprise for the data. However, assuming IT can identify data owners, several challenges arise:

  • Entitlement Reviews: How can data owners efficiently and effectively review access to their data?
  • Authorization Workflow: How can we automate owner involvement in the authorization process?
  • Accountability: How can authorization and entitlement review processes be tracked and reported?
  • Policy enforcement: How can we make sure data owners and end users adhere to organizational policies?

The Varonis Solution

Part of the Varonis Data Governance Suite, Varonis DataPrivilege addresses these challenges with a configurable web interface that brings IT, data owners, and users together in a self-service portal for automating access authorization, entitlement reviews, policy enforcement (e.g. ethical walls), compliance reporting and ensuring data owner accountability.

Key Features and Benefits

DataPrivilege automates data governance by providing a framework for users and data owners to be directly involved in the access review and authorization workflows. A configurable web interface for data owners, business users, and IT administrators automates data access requests, owner and IT authorization of changes, automated entitlement reviews, and business data policy automation (e.g. ethical walls). A complete audit trail ensures that data governance policies are in place and being adhered to. The benefits include:

  • Automated entitlement reviews provided to data owners with recommendations for access removal generated by DatAdvantage
  • Access control workflow empowering users to request access to data and group resources directly, with data owners involved in the authorization process
  • Business policy implementation through ethical walls
  • Complete self-service data governance portal for users and data owners
  • Audit trail and reporting of all access authorization activity