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Cloud based file synchronization services have exploded. Organizations need to be able to provide a modern collaboration experience with the infrastructure that they’ve already invested in and that they already know how to manage and protect.

DatAnywhere provides an alternative to cloud-based file sharing solutions that is secure and easy to use.

  • Create a secure private cloud experience using your existing file sharing infrastructure
  • Keep your data on your file servers
  • Keep your existing permissions (e.g. NTFS and Active Directory)
  • Provide secure, enterprise-capable file synchronization and mobile access

DatAnywhere is viable for businesses because no data needs to be moved from existing file shares or migrated to a proprietary repository. Users can seamlessly collaborate with users that still use the same traditional CIFS shares via mapped drives or UNC paths. DatAnywhere adheres to existing access controls, including Active Directory User/Group structure and file system ACLs and your data protection and management capabilities stay in place. With DatAnywhere the investment in your infrastructure is protected.

Why move terabytes of data into the cloud when you can get the benefits of file synchronization and secure collaboration with the hardware that already hosts your corporate data?

Key Features and Benefits

  • It’s easy for end users
  • There’s no need for training — DatAnywhere folders are just as simple to use as traditional file shares – there’s a folder, you put stuff in it, and it syncs securely with the devices and people you choose, and your existing file shares.
  • Get all of the convenience of cloud-based file sharing without the risks associated with moving critical business data to third-party servers
  • Easily and securely share files with business partners (extranet functionality)
  • Definitive copies of files are always stored on corporate storage
  • IT controls speed, availability, and security
  • Users authenticate to Active Directory or LDAP and there is no need to reconfigure or replicate permissions
  • No one gets permissions to shared data unless they already have it
  • Data is transmitted securely over an encrypted HTTPS connection
  • When used with Varonis DatAdvantage, access controls are optimized, al laccess is monitoredabuse is alerted, and data owners authorize and review access
  • DatAnywhere will extend the infrastructure you have already invested in
  • Seemlessly integrates with your backup strategy, cache devices, DFS, replication, and existing data governance and compliance processes and policies
  • Varonis DatAnywhere translates legacy LAN protocols (CIFS) into a secure, web-optimized protocol (HTTPS) via a dynamic, scalable data-routing infrastructure that facilitates HTTPS access and block-level syncing with remote devices.
  • All DatAnywhere components reside within your corporate network and run on standard servers
  • DatAnyhere components can be installed on a single virtual node for small environments, or be distributed to scale to an enterprise with many file servers/NAS devices in many locations
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