TITUS Message Classification

Have you ever sent an email to the wrong person?

TITUS Message Classification is a security and governance solution that enables organizations to ensure consistent and proper handling of their email.

With a wide range of customizable functionality, this solution can:

  • Assist users to easily classify every email before its sent
  • Warn users of potential data breaches
  • Scan message content for PII and other sensitive information

The user’s classification selection is stored with the email as persistent metadata, which organizations can use to increase the accuracy and effectiveness of DLP, archiving, and perimeter security solutions.

Key Features & Benefits

Enable users to identify their information

  • Allow users to classify email
  • Assist users to properly capture the sensitivity of their information
  • Automatically apply visual markings which highlight the sensitivity

Prevent data loss

Meet compliance requirements

titus message classification
One Click Classification with visual markings and Help Tooltips
titus message classification
Customizable policy warnings educate users and help prevent data loss

TITUS also provides tools for classification of Microsoft Office documents and other files. Read more about TITUS Classification for Microsoft Office and TITUS Classification for Desktop to learn how these products interoperate with Message Classification to prevent costly data leakage.