TITUS File Server Classification

Classify and Label Documents on Windows File Servers

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012 both include an effective File Classification Infrastructure (FCI). However, if you adopt a comprehensive approach to data classification, you need the support of features that are not included as standard.

Do you know which of your file servers contain confidential data? How to protect information under Legal Hold? How to make your users more aware of sensitive information and the related distribution policies? TITUS File Server Classification can help.

TITUS File Server Classification – Enhancing the Windows FCI

As specialists in data classification software, TITUS understand how Windows’ powerful FCI architecture can be leveraged for your enterprise.

TITUS File Server Classification enhances the Windows FCI to help you identify the business value of data, raise security awareness, and protect your information assets.

Improve your data loss prevention processes by classifying and labelling your data. To find out more, contact us now for a free WebEx demo.

Key Features and Benefits

Classify and Label Your Files

The more classifiers you have available on your Windows file server, the more accurate metadata can be. TITUS File Server Classification introduces custom classifiers that can be used to assign classifications based on the document owner’s role, or classifiers that automatically mark files with header and footer text.

Bulk Classify Your Data

Although desktop and email classification products are available in the TITUS Classification suite, sometimes large quantities of data need to be classified instantly. TITUS File Server Classification includes bulk classification that is quick and easy to use.

Migrate Sensitive Information to Secure Locations

Some data is so sensitive that it should not be on your file server at all. TITUS File Server Classification can show you all the data on your server with a given label or classifier, enabling you to move the data to a more secure storage platform.

Manage Information Under Legal Hold

It is your responsibility to store and protect information that may be required for legal proceedings – often for years on end. TITUS File Server Classification adds a ‘Legal Hold’ classifier to the Windows Server FCI, reducing the risk of accidental data destruction.

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