Educate Your Users To Protect Your Data

Where would we be without email? Finally, everybody within your organisation can send messages and data to just about anybody else in the world.

But as one of the most accessible forms of data communication, email is also open to abuse. Every year, enterprises encounter data leaks through email that, largely, is the result of a lack of awareness among end users.

TITUS Aware – Data Security In The Hands of Your Users

TITUS Aware plugs email leaks by allowing your users to drive security. As the name suggests, TITUS Aware increases data security awareness, alerts users to potential breaches, and offers immediate actions for remediation.

TITUS Aware integrates with Microsoft Outlook to introduce advanced data classification and policy enforcement in an interface that your users already understand.

Educate your users about data security to minimise the risk of leaks. To learn more, contact us now for a free WebEx demo.

Key Features and Benefits

Protect Your Data and Intellectual Property

Share your information with the right people. TITUS Aware alerts users to potential data security breaches before they happen, preventing accidental disclosure. In addition to files and attachments, TITUS Aware also enables users t redact sensitive information contained in forwarded email.

Educate Users on Email Policy

Don’t rely on the fact that your users know your policies. When TITUS Aware identifies a potential breach, your users are alerted with an interactive dialogue box before any data leaves your network.

Achieve Compliance

It is not just your internal data that you need to keep safe. Use TITUS Aware to protect information that you store about clients, customers and partners and avoid the potentially irreversible impact of lost or exposed data.

Complement Enterprise DLP

As a user-driven email security solution, TITUS Aware is an excellent component of a larger overall data loss prevention (DLP) strategy. HANDD are able to advise on and implement a full DLP strategy.

titus aware
TITUS Aware alerts users to policy violations before email leaves the desktop
titus aware
TITUS Aware educates users and helps prevent inadvertent data loss
titus aware
Users can redact sensitive information before sending an email



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