TITUS Classification

With the rich availability of data sharing, your files and documents can reach just about anybody. Sometimes, you would rather they didn’t.

Data classification helps you to clearly identify and mark sensitive or confidential data, as well as adding metadata to make the movement of files more transparent.

The TITUS range of data classification products automates the process of classifying your email and documents, from a single file on your desktop to thousands of files on a server.

If you are not sure which solution is best for you, contact us for a free WebEx demo. We are happy to recommend a method of data classification that will work for your enterprise.

TITUS Message Classification

Classify your sensitive email data.

TITUS Message Classification is a flexible solution for classifying email, labelling and protectively marking email in Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Web Access, Lotus Notes and across mobile devices. Read more →

TITUS Classification for Microsoft Office

Classify your Microsoft Office documents.

TITUS Classification for Microsoft Office helps you to enforce your disclosure policies by labelling and protectively marking documents across the Microsoft Office suite, including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Read more →

TITUS Classification for Desktop

Classify any desktop file.

TITUS Classification for Desktop is a simple and easy to use desktop tool that you can use to classify any file type on your desktop, from PDFs and CADs to videos and audio files. Read more →

TITUS Bulk Classification

Classify everything in seconds.

TITUS Bulk Classification is a bulk solution for labelling and protectively marking large numbers of files at once. After classifying files in bulk, you can promote information sharing while guaranteeing that users are aware of data protection policies. Read more →

TITUS File Server Classification

Classify your file servers.

TITUS File Server Classification uses the Windows Server 2008 File Classification Infrastructure (FCI), helping you to protectively mark the files on your server and protect your information assets against disclosure. Read more →

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