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Instantly Translate FTP Processes to SFTP

Usually, moving towards a secure file transfer solution means investing in changes to your infrastructure, scripts and applications. This simply means that introducing SFTP to an existing infrastructure is too expensive and time consuming.

But can you afford to leave your FTP file transfer unsecured? Thankfully, there is a cost-effective and fast solution that can quickly convert your existing FTP system to SFTP.

Tectia FTP to SFTP Converter – Streamlined Secure File Transfer

FTP to SFTP Converter is a Tectia ConnectSecure module that enables you to secure your FTP transfers without overhauling your existing systems.

Using the converter, you can switch your FTP transfers to SFTP on the fly, helping you to protect your data and meet the strict standards of compliance.

Secure your data transfers without increasing your workload. Contact us now for a free Tectia FTP to SFTP Converter WebEx demo.

Key Features and Benefits

Replace Your Unsecured FTP Transfers

Replacing FTP with SFTP does not need to be difficult – no matter how big your environment. FTP to SFTP Converter can be installed on a wide range of platforms including Windows, UNIX and Linux, interfacing with SFTP implementations without the need to change scripts and applications.

Fast Track SOX and PCI DSS Compliance

Achieving compliance means keeping your data secure. The Tectia FTP to SFTP Converter secures your FTP scripts and applications instantly, helping you to meet the demands of SOX and PCI DSS Compliance without changing your original code.

Secure Your Data Without Changing Your Infrastructure

Why spend time changing your infrastructure or applications? FTP to SFTP Converter uses transparent TCP tunnelling, allowing data-in-transit to be secured without any changes to your existing processes.

Add Secure File Transfers To Your Software

With a built-in SFTP API for Java and C, you can seamlessly integrate secure file transfers into your applications, or connect the FTP to SFTP Converter with third-party file transfer management systems.

Enterprise Level Services

Every business can benefit from enterprise-level file transfers. Tectia FTP to SFTP Converter supports file format and code-set conversions for transferring to IBM z/OS mainframes, and also offers checkpoint/restart functionality to guarantee successful delivery of your files.

Connect With Tectia SSH Manager

As well as working independently, FTP to SFTP Converter can be integrated with Tectia SSH Manager (sold separately), allowing you to make use of centralized management and detailed file transfer auditing.

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