SSH CryptoAuditor

Manage All of Your Secure Sessions At Once

In any file transfer project, monitoring, auditing and controlling SSH, SFTP and RDP sessions can be a complex and time consuming task. As you deploy agents or change the end user experience, the implications of effective auditing add significantly to your workload.

The solution is a centralised approach to management that puts the security and file transfer information that you need in one convenient location.

ssh cryptoauditor

SSH CryptoAuditor – Centralised Security Session Management

SSH CryptoAuditor is a centrally managed inline appliance that you can use to monitor, audit and control encrypted SSH, SFTP and RDP sessions.

Across your entire enterprise, SSH CryptoAuditor indexes user sessions, as well as session content. As a result, you can quickly conduct content-based searches and take advantage of real-time alerting.

Of course, a central auditing solution should always be online. With a focus on uptime, SSH CryptoAuditor offers four levels of fault tolerance to create a true High Availability solution.

SSH CryptoAuditor makes monitoring and controlling secure sessions easy. See for yourself – contact us now for a free WebEx demo.

Key Features and Benefits

Accountable Remote Access and Data Transfers

Record remote access and file transfers. SSH CryptoAuditor allows you to store encrypted, tamper-proof archives and enforce maker/checker policies for high visibility audit trails.

Auditing Made Accessible

Detailed auditing information should not be hard to use. SSH CryptoAuditor includes a convenient browser-based interface with audit trail playback capabilities. It’s easy to install, fast to deploy, and makes remote administration simple.

High Security, Highly Compliant

Why lose visibility as you secure and encrypt user sessions? With SSH CryptoAuditor, you can enforce your mandatory encryption and authentication settings while maintaining complete visibility over data. As a result, SSH CryptoAuditor can help you to comply with the demands of mandates including SOX and PCI DSS.

Trouble-Free Troubleshooting

Finding the source of a problem is no problem. SSH CryptoAuditor enables you to record, audit, log and play back sessions in real-time, making it easier to conduct troubleshooting on your servers. You can even configure SSH CryptoAuditor to push real-time alerts to SIEM, giving you the heads up before problems escalate.

A Transparent End-User Experience

Best of all, SSH CryptoAuditor uses a centralized Hound and Vault architecture that eliminates the need to change your existing network topology. No changes for you and, most importantly, no surprising changes for end users – just the same experience that they are already familiar with.

Always Available

Active/passive, active/active – SSH CryptoAuditor supports the high availability standards that your enterprise requires, with four primary levels of fault tolerance.

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