GoAnywhere Gateway

Protect Your Data and Network Topology

When you move data into your DMZ, you are exposing this data to a dramatically increased risk. If you are opening inbound ports to your private network, you are making your files and sensitive information accessible – not just to the right people.

GoAnywhere Gateway – Keeping Your Private Data Private

Linoma GoAnywhere Gateway is an enhanced reverse proxy and forward proxy that offers another layer of security for all your managed file transfers.

Reverse proxy functionality allows you to keep your private network secure, never opening your ports for inbound traffic. As a result, you can comply with PCI DSS, HIPAA, HITECH, SOX, ISO 2700 and GLBA.

As a forward proxy, GoAnywhere Gateway connects to external systems on behalf of your users and systems, keeping the identities and locations of your nodes concealed for robust security.

GoAnywhere Gateway

Protect your network and keep your data in the right h

ands. Learn more about GoAnywhere Gateway by reading our Data Sheet or contact us for a WebEx Demo.

Key Features and Benefits

Keep Your Private Data In Your Private Network

You have worked hard to create a secure network infrastructure – so why move your sensitive data into the DMZ? GoAnywhere Gateway provides access to data without increasing your exposure.

Minimise Access Points for Intruders

Every open incoming port is a potential point of access for attackers. With GoAnywhere Gateway, you can keep your incoming ports closed and security threats out.

Support For Secure Protocols

When you transfer data out of the safety of your network, you need robust and reliable security. GoAnywhere Gateway supports FTP, FTPS, SFTP, SCP, HTTP, HTTPS and AS2 file transfer protocols.

A Flexible Software-Only Solution

Hardware is expensive, and lacks the flexibility of software. GoAnywhere Gateway is an easy to install software solution that is compatible with your existing Windows, Linux, AIX, UNIX and Solaris servers.

GoAnywhere Gateway Modules

  • Additional Proxies