GoAnywhere Director

Secure and Automate the Movement of Your Data

A managed file transfer (MFT) solution can help your enterprise to transfer data between internal servers, as well as with customers and trading partners in any geographical location. But you don’t work from everywhere at once.

Successful managed file transfer depends on a single point of control for your transfers, a central hub through which every byte of data will pass.

GoAnywhere Director

GoAnywhere Director – The Centre of Your Managed File Transfer

At the heart of your managed file transfer solution, GoAnywhere Director secures and automates the movement of your data.

The solution features multi-step workflow abilities, management controls and detailed audit trails for full accountability and compliance. These features are all offered from GoAnywhere Director’s intuitive and easy to use interface that gives you complete control over your transfers without the need for custom programs or scripts.

Of course, the centre of your managed file transfer solution needs to connect effortlessly with other systems. GoAnywhere Director supports standard file transfer protocols including secure FTP, FTPS, HTTPS and AS2, as well as Open PGP encryption.

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Key Features and Benefits

Automate Your FTP Processes

Put your data where it needs to be, or accept incoming data from your partners, customers and remote offices. GoAnywhere Director automates and simplifies FTP processes, and can connect to secure FTP servers (SFTP, FTPS and SCP). You can be sure that your data is delivered, thanks to connection retries and auto-resume for interrupted transfers.

Move Data Between Web Servers

As well as working with FTP, GoAnywhere Director can seamlessly connect to web servers for data exchange using HTTP, HTTPS and Web Services.

Transfer Your Databases

Why work manually with the masses of information in your databases? GoAnywhere Director can connect to every major database server including DB2, DB2/400, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Informix, MySQL and Sybase. You can even translate data to and from your database using Excel, XML, Delimited text and Flat File formats.

Lightning Fast File Transfers

Don’t let large files clutter up your network. GoAnywhere Director compresses and decompresses files using Zip, GZIP and TAR formats, helping to reduce files to their most manageable size for faster transfer.

Secure Your Data with Encryption

Encryption and decryption protects your mission-critical data against theft. GoAnywhere Director includes support for OpenPGP for your peace of mind, and can even be set to FIPS 140-2 compliance mode to meet US Government (NIST) encryption standards.

Easy Administration, Wherever You Are

A powerful managed file transfer solution need not be complex to manage. GoAnywhere Director includes an intuitive and easy to use interface as well as a browser-based control panel for remote administration and monitoring. For power users, take advantage of the GoAnywhere Director API to run transfers from your own applications.

A Cross Platform Solution

GoAnywhere Director can be installed onto Windows, Linux, IBM I, AIX (pSeries), UNIX, HP-UX, Mac OS and Solaris platforms.

GoAnywhere Director Modules

  • AS2

Whether you are running an EDI or sending data via email, use the growing standard in Internet security with full AS2 support.

  • FIPS

Meet the highest possible standards of security. Switch on FIPS compliance mode to achieve full FIPS 140-2 compliance across all of your data processes.

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