WhatsUp Gold Standard Edition

WhatsUp Gold Standard Edition is an intuitive, comprehensive, and cost-effective network management tool-set. It is tried, tested and proven on over 100,000 networks, offering 360° visibility, actionable intelligence and complete control, and delivers the lowest initial acquisition cost and overall TCO of any competing solution.

WhatsUp Gold Standard Edition is ideal for SMB’s.

Key Features and Benefits

Some of the key features and benefits include...

  • Web UI, Windows Console & Mobile Access: so you can manage your network on the go- anytime, from anywhere
  • Alert Center: Single Console for alert and threshold management across all monitors
  • Integrated SQL database format for trend data
  • Performance monitors (CPU utilization, Disk space and utilization, Interface utilization, Memory, Ping Latency)
  • Custom actions using Jscript or VBscript (e.g. to restart services/systems)
  • Performance monitoring via SNMP
  • ICMP, IP range scan, SNMP SmartScan
  • Manual creation of device dependencies, Multi-level topology mapping (IP sub-netting)
  • Import image files for graphical backgrounds
  • CPU utilization, Disk space and utilization, Interface utilization, Memory, Ping Latency
  • Over 50 Full reports in HTML & 200 workspace reports
  • Reporting data export to: email, Excel, PDF, CSV formats
  • Email, Alpha/Text Pager, SMS, Web Alarms, Windows Popups, Sound, SNMP Traps, Service Restart, External Scripts
  • Configurable alert/alarm escalation to comply with pre-defined escalation procedures

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