MOVEit File Transfer

Establish Secure Connections from the Edge of Your Network

Just because you need to transfer your mission-critical data, you should not compromise on security for even a moment. The Internet offers a ready-made network for transferring data over large geographic areas, but it is also a network that anybody – even malicious attackers – can access.

A demilitarized zone (or DMZ) exists on the edge of your network, facilitating direct connections with your intended endpoint without exposing your entire infrastructure.

MOVEit FIle Transfer – Managing and Securing File Transfers

Ipswitch MOVEit DMZ is a robust and reliable way server for managed file transfer (MFT). The DMZ creates a secure connection from your internal endpoint to the destination of your data, helping you to meet SLAs and reduce the risks associated without data transfer over the Internet.

MOVEit DMZ will also help you to meet the strict standards of compliance.

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Key Features and Benefits

Your Data, Where It is Needed

Whether you are transferring data internally across several remote sites, or externally to your business partners, MOVEit DMZ makes it easy to manage, provision and automate the way you move data. For end users, MOVEit is a simple and easy to understand way to transfer files of any size.

Complete File Transfer Visibility

The quality of your file transfer solution depends on the quality of the information that you have. MOVEit DMZ offers extensive and customizable reporting, giving you a detailed picture of your transfers.

Robust File Transfer Security

With all file transfer traffic moving through the MOVEit DMZ, you can create and enforce security policies, file-expiration rules and establish end-to-end encryption and non-repudiation. Your data has never been safer.

File Transfer That Controls Itself

Why spend time on repetitive tasks? With the MOVEit Central workflow engine and MOVEit DMZ, you can automate file transfer processes in schedules or on-event scenarios.

MOVEit DMZ Modules

  • Multi Tenancy: Multiple organization configuration where different divisions or departments use separate branding, folders, and authentication.
  • Ad Hoc Transfer: Enable person-to-person file transfer using a Web browser or Microsoft Outlook.
  • API Interface: Get programmatic access to MOVEit DMZ to improve web application integration and automated account provisioning.
  • High Availability: Ensure 100% availability with our optional web farm architecture.
  • MOVEit DMZ DLP Module:  The MOVEit DMZ DLP Module extends the functionality of the MOVEit DMZ ad hoc file delivery system.  As a result, messages and files that leave the enterprise network are subject to the same scrutiny as corporate emails.

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