MOVEit Central Corporate

MOVEit Central Corporate is a workflow engine designed to secure, automate, and streamline your data transfer processes. In addition, MOVEit Central Corporate automates once-manual recurring tasks, and it doesn’t require scripting – capabilities that save time, increase productivity, and reduce overall complexity.

Key Features and Benefits

Automate Your File Transfer Workload

Why spend your time on repetitive tasks? MOVEit Central allows you to automate tasks to run on a scheduled, event-driven or on-demand basis. You can even bring together multiple tasks to run simultaneously – all without any scripting.

Improve Efficiency With Built-In Scripts

As if the convenient Task Builder didn’t make things easy enough, MOVEit Central also includes a range of pre-configured scripts and macros that can be effortlessly dropped into your workflows.

Robust File Transfer Security

Whenever data is moving, it needs to be secure. MOVEit Central includes end-to-end encryption using FIPS 140-2 Validated Cryptography, as well as file integrity checking to ensure safe and intact delivery. You can also integrate MOVEit Central with your existing anti-virus solution for complete peace of mind.

Diverse Protocol Support

Choose the protocol that suits your business processes or your intended destination. MOVEit Central supports FTP, SSL/FTPS, SSH/SFTP, SMTP/POP (email) and CIFS/SMB for accessing network storage via UNC. Wherever your data is going, MOVEit Central can help it get there.

Easy Administration and Auditing

Logging into a secure control panel makes it easy to remotely administer tasks and workflows, integrating with Microsoft SQL Server for detailed logging and precise data trails. As a result, you can meet – and exceed – the demands of compliance.

MOVEit Central Corporate Modules

  • OpenPGP
    Pretty Good Privacy is an understatement. Use the OpenPGP module to add powerful PGP encryption, decryption and key management to your MOVEit Central Enterprise server. Limited to 10 keys in Corporate edition.

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