Globalscape TappIn

Digital content is stored everywhere – your home computer, work laptop, smartphone and various cloud services (e.g. However, that content can be difficult to find, access and share with other people.  That’s the problem we solve.

Globalscape TappIn connects digital content and people.  Whether you’re a student, parent, best friend, business professional or small business, TappIn’s secure cloud service makes available any size documents or rich media files (i.e. music, photos and videos) to web-browsers and mobile devices, including Apple® iPhone® and iPad®, Google® Android and Windows® Phone 7, regardless of where that content is stored—without having to upload, sync or pay for additional cloud storage. You can use TappIn to access and share your digital content – anytime, anywhere.

Globalscape Tappin

What makes TappIn different is that all files remain safe and secure in your computer, phone or online work spaces. Just download the TappIn app to your computer and mobile device.  Now, you are instantly able to connect yourself and others to your music, videos, photos and documents.  It’s that easy.

With Globalscape TappIn, there are no storage limits or file size restrictions because TappIn uses your existing storage.  How cool is that – no organizing, copying, syncing or waiting around.  And, TappIn safeguards your privacy and security with the same SSL encryption used by financial institutions worldwide. Need a global sharing solution? TappIn has local language support for English, Italian, French, German, Spanish and Chinese (both Traditional and Simplified).

Key features and benefits

  • True secure file sharing – data is NOT stored in the cloud!
  • The ability to share and access your data anytime, anywhere!
  • The freedom to remotely access data from any computer, platform or mobile device (including Apple® iPhone® and iPad®, Google® Android™, Amazon® Kindle Fire, and Windows® Phone 7)!
  • Huge savings because there are no storage fees!
  • Faster access to your files because you don’t have to sync all your data to the cloud!
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