Globalscape Mail Express

Make Sending Email Attachments Faster and More Secure

Email has changed the way the world does business, but conventional email attachments can be fairly limited. What if you need to send large files that exceed email usage policies?

If your users can’t use email to send files, they’ll find another way. Usually, this other method is less secure, less reliable and outside of your corporate IT policies.

Mail Express – Familiar Email, Revolutionary Features

Globalscape Mail Express adds the functionality that your business demands to your existing email software.

Mail Express supports file sharing up to 25GB without the need for technical knowledge. In fact, thanks to a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook and an easy to understand web interface, your users can share files in an application that they already know how to use.

Read on to learn more about the features and benefits of Mail Express, or contact us now for a free WebEx demo.


Key Features and Benefits

Separate Email from Attachments

An email server is designed to store email – so why not let it do its job? Mail Express leaves your email server to handle emails without worrying about attachments. As a result, email servers have more free space and faster performance.

A Solution Designed for IT Administrators

Mail Express is a file transfer solution that has been designed to help reduce the workload of IT administrators. With Mail Express, administrators can retain complete control over P2P transfers, never giving users a reason to use personal email or file sharing sites. What’s more, Mail Express features all of the auditing and monitoring tools that you would expect from Globalscape, including centralized user and policy management, Active Directory Integration, and easy to enforce file deletion and link expiration policies.

Easy To Use By The People That Use It

There is little use creating a solution for email file transfer that is ideal for administrators but inconvenient for day-to-day users. With a web based client and Microsoft Outlook integration, Mail Express is simple, clear and easy to understand by even the most novice of users. If you can use email, you can use Mail Express.

Accountable Email File Transfer

How do you really know if your file has been delivered? With Mail Express, you can receive file download notifications that let you know when a recipient has retrieved the file successfully. You can send files up to 25GB in complete confidence, with the data trail that you need.

Two-Way Data Exchange

If you send large email attachments on a regular basis, you need to be sure that your business partners can send files back to you. Mail Express does not just increase your productivity, but with your branded web based interface, you can help your customers and partners to get their data to you.

Mail Express Modules

  • DMZ Gateway

Mail Express can also be used with the Globalscape DMZ Gateway server, sitting at the edge of your network to facilitate secure connections for file transfer, without exposing your network.

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