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A File Transfer Solution for Small to Medium Enterprises

If you are looking for a scalable, dependable way to move files, look for the solution that is used by some of the most successful and IT-aware organizations in the world.

EFT 2013

EFT Server – Tested, Trusted and Proven

Globalscape EFT Server 2013 is powerful secure FTP server software that is trusted and used every day by organizations including the US Army. The software has also been rated as a leader in the field, in Gartner Group’s 2009 Magic Quadrant for Managed File Transfer and the more recent Infotech Analyst Report 2012.

You can deploy EFT Server as a basic FTP server for occasional files, or create a full Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution to support your mission-critical business processes.

Use the image below to learn how EFT Server interacts with every area of your business, and then explore its features below. Alternatively, download our Data Sheet or see EFT Server in action with a free WebEx demo.

EFT Server

Key Features and Benefits

New Features in EFT 2013

The new EFT 2013 platform (formerly EFT Server) focuses on added support for users who have a high volume of users, robust international capabilities and the addition of a powerful ad-hoc file sharing toolwith the integration of Mail Express 2013.

Full Unicode Support
Full* support for Unicode UTF-8 encoding throughout the product, from protocols to event processing, including support for International Domain Names (IDN).

Mail Express Integration
Single installer for both ME and EFT Server installation. ME now audits to the ARM database and can synchronize with a number of EFT Server’s settings for a superior integration between the two products.

Admin GUI Optimizations
Fixed issues with tri-state toggles for managing setting inheritance.

Performance Improvements
Internal optimizations to VFS and other areas of EFT Server in order to support large numbers of users (150K).

Show Percentage Complete
Status viewer update to show the % complete of ongoing transfers

AES 128/256 CTR
Extend SFTP AES cipher support (inbound and outbound) to include AES counter mode ciphers, in addition to the current cipher block mode (CBC) AES ciphers already supported.

For a full list of updates, please contact us.

Create the File Transfer Solution You Need

One of the most impressive things about EFT Server is that it can be configured for almost any application. With flexible modules, you can build an SFTP and MFT solution that fits your goals. We can help.

Guaranteed Data Delivery

Most of us look for one essential feature in file transfer software – that data gets to where it needs to be, every single time. EFT Server extends the FTP protocol with post-transmission integrity verification, mid-file recovery and automatic restart for failed transfer.

Move Your Data, Faster

To help you get your data to where it needs to be fast, EFT Server supports multi-part (segmented) transfers, ensuring expedient data transfer, no matter the geographical distance that you need to cover.

A Highly Compatible Solution With a Wide Variety of Protocols

If you deal with multiple partners, you will need to support a wide variety of protocols. For security, EFT Server supports FTPS (SSL/TLS), SFTP (SSH2) and HTTP/S (SSL). The server even includes IPv6 Support to create a future-proof solution.

Security That Suits You

Even with the protocols in place for secure transfer, you may need more control. EFT Server gives you the chance to use password, public-key or one-time-password authentication, and even specific SSL ciphers and version levels for complete control over who can access your data.

Life-Cycle Management Made Easy

From a central control panel, you can quickly and efficiently manage your entire server. From provisioning new users to managing users and user groups, you can create a granular environment that gives every user the level of control that they need. Of course, power users can also control EFT Server through their own applications, using a Component Object Model (COM) interface.

Audit Your Server for Complete Accountability

Security depends on strong audit trails. EFT Server includes industry standard logging including W3C, NCSA and Microsoft IIS Extended, as well as e-mail notifications and digital certificates for proof of identity.

Powerful Features for Compliant File Transfer

It’s not enough to transfer data in a secure and safe way – you need to be able to prove it. EFT Server is compliant with agreed standards in data security, including PCI, FIPS, HIPAA and SOX.

EFT Server Modules

  • Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)

A simple yet powerful dashboard that complements EFT Server, Globalscape BAM lets technical and business users monitor EFT Server and third party, end-to-end business transactions. Read More →

  • HTTPS (included in EFT Server Enterprise)

Set up a secure connection to anyone using any web browser with this HTTPS add-on. No need to install a web server – just use this module to add HTTPS protocol and support browser-based transfers via SSL.

  • SFTP (included in EFT Server Enterprise)

Use the SFTP module to add the platform-independent SFTP protocol to your EFT Server. SFTP provides a single connection port for easy firewall navigation, password and public key authentication, and strong encryption to keep your data safe.

  • OpenPGP

Safeguard your data at rest with this open source Pretty Good Privacy solution. The OpenPGP module lets you define Event Rules to encrypt or decrypt data in specific contexts.

  • High Security Module (HSM)

Take the security of your EFT Server even further to meet evolving compliance demands. With secure protocols, strong ciphers and encryption keys, and strict password policies, this module can help you meet the mandates of PCI DSS, HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley.

  • Auditing and Reporting Module (ARM)

Robust and detailed monitoring can help you to get the most from EFT Server. The Auditing and Reporting Module (ARM) allows you to query activity on your server and create or view reports that make transfer history easy to understand.

  • Web Transfer Client (WTC)

Make data transfer accessible from any web-enabled device. The Web Transfer Client (WTC) deploys when a client connects to EFT Server, providing a secure transfer client in any Java and DHTML-enabled browser. (Limited to 5 concurrent users in the non-Enterprise edition).

  • Secure Ad Hoc Transfer (SAT)

Why spend your time creating temporary FTP accounts to enable connections to your server? The Secure Ad Hoc Transfer Module (SAT) allows you to exchange files without manual processing, making it a fantastic alternative to restrictive email transfers.

  • DMZ Gateway

You can never be too secure. The DMZ Gateway is used with EFT Server to provide another layer to your security, residing at the edge of your network to broker data between your EFT Server and the rest of the world.

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