Continuous Data Protection

CDP provides real-time continuous data protection for backing up your servers to central locations over any connection. It automatically saves a copy of every change to your data. CDP captures all data changes at the byte level, as they occur, and can restore data from any point in time. CDP provides back-up for multiple locations while minimizing bandwidth requirements and ensuring latency will not affect the integrity and availability
of the mirrored data.

Should anything happen to your servers, you can failover to the backup or any other redundant backup site. The backup server can keep any number of past versions of each file, including deleted files, and allows you to restore from point-in-time snapshots. You can restore via browser, directly from disk, or you can recreate an entire server transparently over the network.

Key features and benefits

  • Real-time updates to backup server allow for easy switchover if primary file server malfunctions
  • Failback capabilities for restoring changes to primary server during switchover periods
  • Create “snapshots” or copies of data at any point in time without impacting real-time file use
  • Complete file history; retrieve any files, current or past
  • Restore data through a browser, from disk, or directly over the network
  • Backup data to multiple locations at the same time by mirroring data between sites
  • Efficient bandwidth usage through byte-level differencing and compression capabilities
  • Firewall friendly (tunnel through HTTP/S)
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