Automate BPA Server

Globalscape’s Automate BPA Server improves inefficient processes and operations with reliable, repeatable, error-free automation. Many organizations are looking for ways to maximize time and cost efficiencies as well as reduce risk caused by human error. One of the most effective means for improving time, reducing costs, and mitigating this risk is through automation within an organization’s file transfer eco-system. As most IT departments have learned, homegrown automation solutions, such as custom scripts written by various programmers, do not provide the reliability, audit trails, management, or even scalability required in today’s tight regulatory and security environment. Companies need to seamlessly move files into back-end systems while providing full audit tracking, robust monitoring capabilities, and the ability to react to anomalies as quickly as possible. Without a robust automation platform that provides an easy-to–use, end-to-end solution, the automation process becomes difficult to implement and costly to maintain.

Globalscape’s Automate BPA Server offers the same automation solution that has been embedded as an Advanced Workflow Engine (AWE) module to its Enhance File Transfer (EFT) Server™ solution for automating processes beyond the FTP Server. It automates manual tasks and streamlines processes. Focusing primarily on desktop or single machine environments it replaces legacy batch files, scripts and custom application development, enabling complete IT process automation without writing a single line of code.

AutoMate BPA Server sets higher standards when it comes to functionality, ease of use, configurability, and cost as compared to other systems that are either very large, very expensive, or both. It is the only product of its kind that offers the type of power typically found in large enterprise systems along with the simplicity found in applications with much less functionality. This marriage between power and simplicity creates the ideal Business Process Automation solution for the mid-market.

AutoMate BPA Server is an automation platform for Windows. It is multi-tiered, meaning it logically separates high-level workflow design from the complexity of building detailed automation routines. It provides centralized control over event-driven automation routines involving one computer or the entire enterprise.

BPA focuses on streamlining, optimizing, and automating the key processes that drive value for an organization and its customers without expensive programming. It enables organizations to design, execute, monitor, and continuously improve business processes that span organizational boundaries and computer networks. BPA software detects and proactively responds to events (i.e., changes in data, systems, and networks), so organizations that employ it are generally more nimble and responsive to change. From small jobs on workstations to network-wide intelligent automation routines, BPA enables users to free themselves from repetitive tasks.

Key features and benefits

  • Streamlining inefficient processes and operations with reliable, repeatable, error-free automation
  • Orchestrating high-level, strategic initiatives involving multiple departments, systems, and applications
  • Centralizing the management, control, and security of automation across the enterprise
  • Enabling a wide range of automation imperatives encompassing data aggregation, application integration, system/application/network monitoring and problem resolution, disaster recovery, file/data backup, and much more
  • Reducing process delays caused by computer downtime or employee off-time
  • Eliminating errors introduced by process delays and repetitive worker activities
  • Giving knowledge workers access to fresher, more accurate data so they can make better, more informed decisions
  • Providing a platform for enhanced collaboration between business users and technical personnel for continuous process improvement
  • Making organizations more nimble and agile so they can respond to changes quickly
  • Enhancing process compliance capabilities for improved adherence to government and industry regulations and requirements
  • Optimizing the key processes that attract business, regardless of existing infrastructure and legacy applications
  • Eliminating the need for one-off scripts and code dispersed across the enterprise
  • Improving workforce productivity by eliminating costly, repetitive, and mundane activities

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