FileXpress Platform Server

Host Your Data Securely with File Transfer Server Software

Powerful file transfer begins with a server. With the right choice of server software, you can set the foundation for transferring data of any type to anywhere in the world.

FileXpress Platform Server – Driving Your Data Transfers

Whatever the kind of data you need to transfer; whatever the platforms you are transferring from and to; Attachmate FileXpress Platform Server is the engine that powers your file transfer infrastructure.

With the FileXpress Platform Server, you can transfer files of any size, on any platform, to any location. It’s that simple.


See FileXpress Platform Server in action with a free WebEx demo, or download our Data Sheet for more information.

Key Features and Benefits

A Robust and Flexible File Transfer Server

You need a file transfer solution that guarantees your files are sent successfully, every single time. FileXpress Platform Server allows you to queue files and will automatically retry transfers until they succeed. What’s more, with built-in alerting, FileXpress Platform Server will let you know when it’s done – or if it fails.

No File-Size Limits

As well as being designed to handle files of any size, FileXpress Platform Server includes powerful features to make transferring them easier. Data compression helps to minimize the number of packets in a transfer and, if transfers fail for any reason, a checkpoint restart feature allows them to resume where they left off.

Lights-Out Automation

FileXpress Platform Server cannot only transfer your files – it can do so without your help. Use scheduling and event-driven automation to let your FileXpress Platform Server look after itself. You can even trigger file transfers when data is added to a specific local directory, or configure automated post-transfer processing.

Consistent Functionality, Whatever Your Platform

Every organization uses different platforms for different purposes. FileXpress Platform Server works effortlessly with them all, offering consistent file transfer functionality across Windows, UNIX, IBM z/OS and IBM i systems.

Security at Every Stage

When you install FileXpress Platform Server, you create a virtual security checkpoint. Not a single file can enter or leave your server undetected, and, with a full range of encryption and authentication options, you can strengthen your data to keep it protected against attack or interception.

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