FileXpress FileShot

Take Control of Email Security

Just ask any IT administrator – dealing with the management of e-mail file transfer is a time consuming, complex problem. Enterprises need e-mail that is flexible enough to support their business, but controlled with strict policies and robust security.

FileXpress FileShot is a complete solution for managing e-mail attachments that can help to keep e-mail compliant, within acceptable use, confidential, and easy to audit.

FileXpress FileShot – A Fresh Approach to Email

From Attachmate, FileXpress FileShot takes a fresh approach to managing e-mail attachments.

It incorporates all of the features that you need to keep e-mail compliant, including advanced encryption for confidential communication. What’s more, a comprehensive auditing system allows you to track user activity, monitor performance, and define detailed policies system-wide.

See for yourself how FileXpress FileShot can make e-mail management faster. Download our Data Sheet now or Start a Free 30-Day Trial.

Key Features and Benefits

Send E-mails of Any Size

Why let e-mail file-size limitations get in the way of business? FileXpress FileShot is a natural tool for user-to-user file exchange that lets you send what you want, when you want.

Eliminate Mailbox Congestion

When mailboxes or your mail server get full, performance and stability suffers the consequences. With FileXpress FileShot, you can offload attachments to keep your mail store lean and mean. That means performance stays at its best, and backups and restores are quicker than ever.

Centralize Security, Control and Management

It is your business to know what is happening with e-mail around your enterprise. FileXpress FileShot makes it easier to monitor and audit files moving in and out of your servers, manage file attachments for e-discovery, and archive attachments for long-term auditing and compliance.

More Balanced Bandwidth

Don’t let bottlenecks slow down your network performance. Offload attachments to your FileXpress FileShot server and keep your traffic flowing.

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