Workflow Management Software: You may already have it.

The lifeblood of any company are its business processes, they define, sometimes formally, often not, how business gets done, from dealing with customer orders through to how to book a meeting room.

Business processes can be broken down in to 2 camps, human interaction and data processes.

One of the least talked about but most productive benefits of most  (enterprise) Managed File Transfer Software is the ability to centralise manage and automate data workflows.

A quick straw pole of our technical team gives an idea of how versatile workflow management software such as a Managed or Automated File Transfer Solution can be.

  • A large city council use managed file transfer as workflow management software  to manage an internal library for schools services, scheduling and automating updates. 
  • A transport company use it to collate machine ticket payment records across London and the South East, then send the records to a payment agency for processing
  • A finance company Integrating legacy systems processes with current systems processes to join up the dots across their company.
  • A company that sells debt enables picks up sales proposals automatically, puts them in secure folders and then manages access from their customers, alerting the salespeople along the way.
  • A legal firm migrated 1,500,000 files over a 2 week period as part of a data centre move.

Can you use Managed File Transfer Software as Workflow Management Software?

Yes, if the workflow is a data workflow.  The process workflow engine within an enterprise file transfer solution has wide reaching capabilities:

  • Streamlining inefficient processes and operations with reliable, repeatable, error-free automation
  • Orchestrating high-level, strategic initiatives involving multiple departments, systems, and applications
  • Enhancing process compliance capabilities for improved adherence to government and industry regulations and requirements
  • Optimizing the key processes that attract business, regardless of existing infrastructure and legacy applications

Why don’t I know this already?

Because we do a bad job in educating you. Most people think of File Transfer and secure file transfer of an A to B transfer of a file securely between 2 points.

Workflow Management Software sits in the background, delivering time and time again and very rarely falling over.  It’s benefit of being robust and reliable is often it’s greatest marketing weakness – it just works so people don’t talk about it and it is so versatile that it is difficult clearly define it’s benefits, they differ form company to company.

Homegrown Workflow Management Software

A managed file transfer solution gives you complete IT process automation without writing a single line of code, without any expert knowledge required and is the person who developed your in house system gets run over by a bus (metaphorically) then it does not matter because you have a robust and simple to use system in house – and by the way you don’t need to worry about changes or upgrades because they are all taken care of.