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The Dangers of Unregulated File Transfers: Balancing the Needs of Employees, with the Needs of IT, with theIpswitch Dangers Webinar On Demand Needs of the Organisation – NOW AVAILABLE ON DEMAND →

Today, business success is intrinsically reliant on successful data exchange. Employees are increasingly under pressure to be more productive and regularly require and demand easier and quicker ways of sending and sharing company data. But it’s IT teams, tasked with ensuring the security of that corporate information and faced with strict compliance regulations, who are largely exposed to the risk of any data loss and resulting impact on the company.

Meanwhile, responding to a lack of suitable alternatives, employees are resorting to insecure, untrackable and non-compliant file transfer methods just get their work done. With traditional email, USB storage devices and insecure consumer cloud solutions such as Dropbox consistently being used to send and share potentially sensitive company information, IT teams are lacking visibility, security, compliance and control.

Some questions to ask yourself…

  1. Do you have visibility and control over how your employees send and share company files?
  2. Could human error expose your company information and cost your organisation money?
  3. Are you worried that your organisation could be risking a huge and potentially damaging fine from the Information Commissioner’s Office?

If the answer is ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you should view this on demand webinar.

Tell Me More…Ipswitch Dangers Webinar On Demand

A recent survey by SC Magazine demonstrated that even IT security professionals themselves have resorted to using these insecure file transfer systems. In fact,

  • 82% admitted they have used email to transfer sensitive information
  • 64% admitted they have used USB storage devices to transfer sensitive information
  • 28% admitted they have used consumer cloud services such as Dropbox to transfer sensitive information

More importantly the results showed 50% of IT professionals did not have visibility or control of the information being sent.  This lack of visibility is where biggest threat for organisations lies.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • About the potential risks insecure file transfer practices pose
  • What the impact of such practices could be
  • Best practices for avoiding insecure file transfers and mitigating the associated risks
  • What other organisations have done to ensure employees, IT, and the board are fully protected when it comes to secure file transfers

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Ipswitch Dangers Webinar On Demand


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