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While businesses naturally spend a considerable amount of time planning their marketing, finance and operational strategies, the importance of devising strong information security plans has become a real focus as compliance mandates and high profile data breaches drive action.

Information stored, sent and used by businesses requires strong end-to-end protection without restricting access to data to those who need it as part of their general operations. One of the most popular and trusted pieces of encryption software is the Voltage system which relies on its  powerful data protection framework to ensure that all information either during transit or at rest is completely secure.

Processing business information has changed considerably in recent years in terms of the quantity and variety of information used by companies not only on desktop computers but also on laptops and an array of handheld devices such as Smartphone’s and tablets. However as the volume of data has increased so too has the awareness and requirement to implement stringent safeguards to protect sensitive information wherever it is being accessed.

Utilising the very best encryption technologies as well as centralized key management, the emphasis on security is very plain to see in the way Voltage protects sensitive and confidential information. A wide range of enterprises have used Voltage security including leading financial establishments, health care and service providers.

The Features of Voltage Security Encryption SoftwareVoltage Security Logo

An innovative piece of software, Voltage Security monitors sensitive information throughout its entire lifecycle ensuring data is secure whether it is on your own computer or after it has been sent to a business partner, supplier or contractor.

  • Voltage encryption software protects the data itself
  • Offering a streamlined key management infrastructure which can incorporate strict data protection protocols, Voltage Security encryption software can remove any operational issues which are commonly associated with key management
  • With Voltage Security, there is no requirement for additional software to operate the system. It easily integrates into your existing platforms. What’s more, business owners can monitor who can see information and where it is sent.
  • Maintaining strict compliance with PCI DSS, HIPA and GLBA, Voltage Security will not only keep your data safe it will always be in line with the data security regulations

Voltage Security is an essential component for businesses which places a data security at the centre of its capabilities ensuring that information is secure wherever it is stored, accessed and used and is made up of the following components:

Voltage SecureData Enterprise™ provides encryption, tokenization, data masking, and key management for securing data as it is captured, processed, and stored across databases, applications, data warehouses, and cloud environments.

Voltage SecureData Payments™ provides complete point-to-point encryption (P2PE) and tokenization for retail payment transactions, enabling PCI scope reduction without the massive IT disruptions traditionally associated with encryption.

Voltage SecureData Web™ provides end-to-end encryption and tokenisation for ecommerce and other web-based transaction systems, reducing risk and PCI scope while preserving user experience.

Voltage SecureFile™ provides information encryption to protect files and documents used by individuals and groups whether those files are on the desktop, network share, or collaboration portal. Also includes a Microsoft Office plug-in.

Voltage SecureMail™ provides policy-based, end-to-end encryption for email and mobile messaging, offering internal, external, and cloud-based deployment models.

Also available is Voltage SecureMail Mobile and Voltage SecureMail Cloud, as well as Voltage SecureMail Application as an add-on.

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