TITUS, DLP and MFT: The Collaboration of Technologies0

Where Does It All Fit?

TITUS is the first stage of a well-considered Data Leakage Prevention solution. It enables organisations to understand the nature of their data and classify accordingly. Users are responsible for applying labels to the data they create and emails that they send. Organisations can then apply policy to the data in line with the level of classification the user has set. For example, confidential data cannot be sent to external addresses or Hotmail.com. This would be a realistic scenario for some organisations.

The classification process is important as well such that downstream Data Leakage Prevention solutions  eg Symantec, McAfee, Verdasys can understand what action to take to “stop” or “allow” data to traverse outside or across the network. If the user has classified as confidential, the technology can “stop” rather than having to rely on its own and sometimes (sorry most times!) inaccurate algorithms. Customers love the simplicity of this, after all, who better to understand the importance of data than the person who actually created it? DLP vendors have recognised the value being added to their solution by somebody like Titus and have co-operated technically to benefit from the partnership.

The Collaboration of Technologies

So what we are starting to see is collaboration between technologies and reliance upon them to afford the customer a complete end to end solution. DLP vendors acknowledge their solutions lack accuracy. To improve the chances of an ultimate sale they will negate this by suggesting Titus be used to strengthen the offering and this is the vision for a solution such as Managed File Transfer (MFT).

So where does MFT fit in?. Well in a number of ways but I envisage the following as being the most obvious so I will touch upon that in greater depth.

Instead of using an insecure technology such as email to send confidential or sensitive data out of the network, the most obvious answer is an MFT solution set. For confidential documents (or emails) to be sent via the auditable and secure method employed by an MFT solution is an ideal add-on. Sure, non-confidential (public) information can still go via email but if MFT can intercept and tie into the understanding process of what data is, there is a real benefit to MFT Vendors, Titus, McAfee, Symantec, Verdasys and more importantly the customer.  I do not see this as a quantum leap. I’m sure as well there is some tie-in with content inspection downstream (for Symantec, McAfee) for files that cannot currently be inspected that would also be beneficial for MFT customers who currently can by-pass DLP solutions through using Cloud solutions…which is not ideal!

This could be extended to policy around MFT being the only allowable egress point for secure file transfers.

The Transition from a Single Solution to a Combined Solution

What we are seeing, especially in the larger enterprise customers, is that single solution selling is becoming less compelling. I can give you numerous examples where to achieve, for example, a comprehensive DLP strategy, it is impossible to satisfy with one solution. We may need Titus to classify, Varonis to identify permission problems, Verdasys to secure the egress points and MFT to provide the File Movement and  Control. The one solution security approach is achievable with multiple manufacturers under one management banner.

Personally, I feel that the future manufacturers who collaborate will be the ones who succeed. Those forging their individual path ignoring interoperability will be the ones who ultimately struggle.

Coming back to Titus, they are leaders in classification, are exposed to large enterprise customers and importantly, have bought into collaboration for growth. They have no MFT vendor partnership and would massively benefit from one to separate themselves in an increasingly competitive marketplace. To approach an MFT opportunity in an account with Titus and to be able to demonstrate the interoperability is a powerful differentiator for any MFT vendor and customer.

Data-Centric Security from HANDD

HANDD Business Solutions provides data-centric solutions and services to organisations globally. Working closely in partnership with some of the leading Managed File Transfer, Data Loss Prevention, SSH Information Assurance and Website Security vendors, HANDD provides a unique and comprehensive end-to-end service focussed on protecting your data at all stages.

If you are looking to protect your data either at rest, on the move, in use, or any combination of the three, HANDD can suggest and implement a suitable solution or combination of solutions to match your security requirements exactly.

From consultancy and strategy to software implementation, training and support, HANDD can be trusted to deliver an unparalleled level of data-centric security with an exceptional quality of service to any organisation.

Contact us now to learn more about how the HANDD data-centric approach can help your organisation.



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