Thinking Outside the Box: Introducing the Ideal Dropbox Replacement for Business0

Guest blog from Globalscape’s Johnny Wright, looking at the ideal business-class Dropbox replacement

The exchange of data within a company, as well as external correspondence, is an integral part of today’s business world. Email is the most common method of transferring files and swapping data between employees and businesses. Having a secure form of exchanging information is not only invaluable, but also essential for large and small businesses alike. More specifically, as companies rely more on electronic data, the demand for increased security when storing and transferring such valuable information is only going to increase. The need for effective, yet secure data storage and transfer is undoubtedly in high demand.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of options offered either by employers or the market in general, many employees often rely on mainstream cloud data services like Dropbox, entrusting them with their company’s most valuable and sensitive data. Such negligence not only puts a company’s information in an extremely vulnerable position, but also puts the employee’s job in jeopardy if something goes wrong.

Many businesses have begun to notice this trend, and subsequently question their data storing and transferring procedures. These questions are questions that every business and organization should ask:

  • Are we familiar with our organization’s data transfer processes?
  • Do such transfers meet data security and compliance regulations?
  • Do we have visibility into our organization’s data and file transfers?
  • Are we using data encryption to secure our data?
  • Is our stored data protected?

While no one doubts the convenience of a consumer cloud system like Dropbox, the real issue is data security. Is your data safe with such a general data storage system? The truth is, these cloud services simply do not comply with acceptable regulations to protect your company’s most valuable data. (See the recent Dropbox outage news.)

Mail Express: The Dropbox Replacement from Globalscape

Unlike Dropbox and other cloud services, Mail Express by Globalscape offers the easiest and most secure way to send, receive, and respond to large files (up to 25GB) securely via email. Using Mail Express, you can send and receive files through a web client or directly through Microsoft Outlook with the most secure data protocols available.

dropbox replacement mail express webex demoWhat’s more, Globalscape’s Mail Express is preferred by end users for its supreme seamlessness. Even your most inexperienced end users will be able to use it with no technical training. No one but your network admin has to know it’s there! Using Mail Express also allows your company to reduce storage costs compared to various consumer cloud solutions.

Don’t entrust your company’s most valuable and sensitive data to the open cloud. Request your free demo of Mail Express and learn how your users can enjoy the convenience of email file transfers with the security your business demands.

Johnny Wright is the Senior Marketing Manager at Globalscape. HANDD is a Globalscape Master Reseller.

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